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What Is Sweet Milk?

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What is sweet milk?

By Deborah from GA


Recent Answers

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By Patty [11]03/08/2011

Lilac is correct. Sweet milk is a termed used many years ago, when many families used everything they had, & when milk became 'soured'or 'clabbered', instead of pitching it, they added it in baking. Some recipes still call for it today. "Sweet' milk, is simply fresh, unsoured milk.

By Lilac [18]03/08/2011

Sweet milk is fresh milk as opposed to sour milk which people used to make cakes with, and buttermilk. It has no added sugar and is what you buy to drink every day. It is just called milk today.

By Cricket [201]03/07/2011

Thank you so much for asking! I have wondered this for many years but never thought to ask! And thank you Moseley3 for giving a good simple and direct answer!

By frances [1]03/07/2011

The term sweet milk simply means regular milk as opposed to buttermilk.


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Archive: What Is Sweet Milk?

I found an old recipe of my mother's from about 65 years ago and it calls for sweet milk in a refrigerated bread dough recipe. I know that this is not sweetened condensed milk and a friend also told me that it was not evaporated milk either. So what is it? I would really appreciate the help. My mother has been dead for about 5 years and my mom's sisters all before her. So I have no one to ask. Thank you.

Bev from South Bend, IN

RE: What Is Sweet Milk?

Sweet milk is whole milk as opposed to 2%, skim, or buttermilk. (08/06/2007)

By perfume and powder

RE: What Is Sweet Milk?

Perfumed Fan again, Bev. Maybe I should have explained: whole milk, because of it's higher fat content, will give baked goods a richness and a softness that 2% milk won't. 2% milk really isn't good for cooking or baking, just for drinking and putting on cereal and stuff like that. Buttermilk is excellent for baking, though. It will give a chewy texture. (08/06/2007)

By perfume and powder

RE: What Is Sweet Milk?

Years ago many recipes called for 'sour' milk. So regular milk was referred to as 'sweet' milk.

If your recipe (especially bread recipes) calls for 'sweet' milk you can use regular whole milk, 2% milk, water with powdered milk, or powdered buttermilk. If making Bisquick biscuits you can even use just plain water. I found out by accident (no milk) that they come out lighter that way.

If you have an old recipe that calls for sour milk, just take a cup of milk (or the amount called for in your recipe) and add about 1 or 2 teaspoons of vinegar, let sit a few minutes or so, stir and you have sour milk. Or you can use buttermilk. (08/07/2007)

By tejas

RE: What Is Sweet Milk?

Sweet milk is what my grandmother called homogenized milk. (08/08/2007)

By Kaye

RE: What Is Sweet Milk?

We call it "dulce de leche". I'm Argentinian, and sweet milk is an Argentinian product. It was first made by accident when someone left their milk too long on the fire. It is basicly milk and melting sugar. We use it for cakes. (06/10/2008)

By nachoman

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