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Help With Pimples on Forehead


I have pimples on my forehead. They fade away sometimes, but reappear in full strength and what's really bad about this all is I'm 51 years old. You'd think I would have grown out this at puberty. But when I was 20 years old I was covered. It was same with 30 then 40 years old. They came and they started too disappear, now their just on my forehead.

By taursethebull2 from Pittsburgh, PA


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By Rachel 3 17 03/27/2009 Flag

Wash your face three times a day if you can. At least twice a day. buy some face wash and a sponge. My very favorite product is clean and clear oil blot sheets. They are blue sheets you rub on your face and you can actually see the color of the sheet change as it takes the oil off your skin. Another trick I learned when I was younger is to apply tooth paste to pimples. Let it dry on them. It will dry out the pimple! I read in an article that even though Beyonce is rich she still uses this trick. For big pimples apply a hot washclothe to them and old it on there for a few minutes. best of luck. Hope this helps!

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 03/27/2009 Flag

I would go see a dermatologist.

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By Robyn Fed 394 1,240 03/27/2009 Flag

I like to use a bar of dove soap and wet my palm of my hand and get a lather up. Then I put it on my forehead and face. The trick of the forehead is to use the palm of your hand and move it in circles and press on it enough to make a suction. This seems to help me in my forehead breakouts. The forehead skin is so thin and sometimes it gets clogged up. Also it is most exposed to the sun and sweats the most of all the facial skin. The suction seems to help. I like the feel of it too. robyn

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By susan 8 1,368 03/28/2009 Flag

Blemishes are caused by hormonal imbalances in body. Not everything works for everyone. I get so tired of people with nice skin telling me what they do--it simply will not work for me and my skin type. I would love to scream if another person tries to sell me their skin care system--they all think they know more than leading professionals. Extremely oily skin is caused by an adrenal imbalance; you would have to see an endocrinologist to get it straightened out. He might not be able to fix the problem, even after years of expensive treatments (drugs). I'm your age too, and have battled extremely oily skin with breakouts since I was about 9 years old. I've gone the dermatologist route, with no satisfaction.

I've also been on steroids, etc for years (endocrinologist)--the side effects can be serious. The average person doesn't realize how difficult this can be to treat. I make sure to never use anything with oil in it on my face. I never wash my face with my hands. I keep my face and hair clean. I change my pillowcases every other night. I don't wear make-up if I can get away without it. I always use an acne system. I regularly steam my face and use a drying mask. I try to never eat junk or greasy foods. I drink water, no soda (pop). I regularly use astringents and blotting paper. You get the drift. It's like being an eternal teenager. On the bright side, I have no wrinkles and am often thought to be younger than I am. My skin still has tone and isn't sagging either.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 03/28/2009 Flag

I suspect an underlying hormonal problem, so please consider seeing an endocrinologist.

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By Carol Swanson 36 226 03/29/2009 Flag

The dermatologist told my family to not wash the face extra times a day. Once or twice is good. Sometimes you can stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil when you massage them by washing.

Benzoil Peroxide dries up pimples and red bumps. It is sold under different brand names and may even have a store brand formula. Viola! Pimples gone.

Check your hair to make sure your style doesnt cover your forehead. Just a few whisps is ok, but when bangs lay on the forehead they can make it greasy.

As your doctor for Retin A cream prescription. Its not expensive and takes care of your problem.

REJOICE! You probably wont have as many wrinkles as those with dry skin. I have oily skin and I dont. (smile) I'm older than you are.

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