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Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

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Our Lab had diarrhea on our white carpet. After cleaning the initial clean up of the poop, we noticed the carpet was green! I've tried our Bissel Green Machine cleaner and also Oxi Clean. Nothing is working. Help!

By Kaci


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By nikki [7]12/31/2011

I used this on my white brocade couch and I got it from here.
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
2 teaspoons of soda
2-3 drops of dishwashing soap
Mix all together and just blot it on the spot, no rubbing and it will come out, at least it did on mine. I think it is called the pee recipe. Check it out.

By ANNE11/17/2010

Not quite sure where I read this (may have been here!), but it has worked for me! Squirt regular (white) foam shaving cream on the area. Rub in with something such as a toothbrush. Let it sit awhile and then wipe it up with a damp rag. I was amazed at just how well this worked!

By syntoniser [5]11/17/2010

I never used this on poop but it works for set in mud stains: Mix equal parts of salt and baking soda, then put enough vinegar in to make a paste. Cover the stain with this paste, even scrub in gently to coat fibers, let dry. Vacuum. It took me four applications to get the plant mud mess out when we moved here and it really looks like new.


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Archive: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

We got back from having a very nice dinner out to find that our (huge) Great Pyr had had diarrhea all over the cream colored oriental rug. No stores open and only about 2 oz of Nature's Miracle in the jug. It was about 80 degrees in the house so the smell. . .need I say more?

I looked on your site and saw all kinds of recommendations for urine but none for poop! So, after cleaning up as much as we could, I made a mixture of equal parts: White Vinegar, Peroxide, Club Soda; a few squirts of Dawn, Spray-n-Wash and about half a capful of Tide. I added a small amount of very hot water and whisked it up until it was very thick and foamy. I used a white towel, dipped it in the mixture, squeezed it out until it was still pretty wet and rubbed the stains gently.

To my amazement, the stains came right out. I used another towel, wrung out in warm clear water to remove the suds and now, two hours later, the smell is gone. I'm tired but relieved. So, thank you everyone on this site for giving me the idea to try all of the above.

By Jamr from Malibu

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

It's never fun to come home to a surprise like that! We've had indoor animals for years and my sister-in-law told me the easiest tip for pet messes (poop, too) - hydrogen peroxide. Just clean up the mess, then pour enough peroxide over the stain to cover and leave for a few minutes. Clean up with a rag. If it's set in, it might take another try, but it always works and even gets the smell out. So simple! (06/22/2006)

By Karie

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

Glad you saved your nice rug. You might want to order some "No Rinse body Bath" for next time. After you have removed most of the solid matter, and blotted well. The spray with solution of No Rinse, and wait. May take a few sprays, but usually stain will vanish. If dog food has a lot of food dyes then mix with the hydrogen peroxide and No Rinse (03/13/2007)

By Zuni

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

I just did equal parts of white vinegar and hot water sprayed area and used a damp towel and iron on high and steam on the carpet the stains are gone. Yea! Nicole :0) Michigan (08/28/2007)

By Nicole

Archive: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

Any suggestions on how to cleaning dog poop from carpet?

Ann from Grandy, NC

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

Go to your pet store and get some "Nature's Miracle." It works every time. (09/22/2008)

By Amy

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

I got a Bissell steam cleaner and it works wonderfully. It is a great investment and I use it for just general clean up. (09/23/2008)

By Cosy

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

I just had a similar problem when I went back in the house. What I thought was mud was poop from a Malamute. I grabbed the Simple Green a paper towel. It worked like a dream. (10/10/2008)

By Ashley P.

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

While cleaning the house I started smelling a foul odor. I figured our puppy had something to do with it. She had very loose stool all over the carpet in our walk in closet, then stepped in it a brought it all into the bedroom. Yuck! I tried the equal part vinegar, hot water, and used a little bit of urine remover, worked like a charm. You may want to use something to cover up the smell though. Thanks. (10/26/2008)

By Nicole E. from Tampa, FL

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

Thanks for the information. I used the hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar mixture. I let it set for about 3 minutes and used my Hoover Carpet Shampooer. It worked very well. It took a couple of times to get it all up due to it being set in as I was gone for a while. Just a side note. I was telling a friend of mine about the mixture and he said you can't leave it on too long as it will break down the fibers of the carpeting (as it would if you used it on clothes) and may cause damage. Thanks again! (12/21/2008)

By Lindy and Bear (German Shepherd)

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

We have a St. Bernard who got diarrhea all over our cream carpeting at 2 am and had little stain remover products. We used hot water, peroxide, vinegar, and half capful of detergent. I first picked up what I could with paper towel. Then started to blot the area with solution. Next I scrubbed the area. I dried the area with a paper towel. Next I soaked my paper towel in the solution and saturated the area with the paper towel. I towel dried again and no trace left behind shockingly. There still is slight odor however, but got the job done and will follow up with something tomorrow. (01/16/2009)

By Maria

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

These postings saved my rug! Most commercial solutions have not been satisfactory for me in the past. I had dog diarrhea all over expensive wool rug. We use mostly "green" cleaners in our house, so I wasn't sure if I'd get as good results. I mixed Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergent, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day liquid dish soap, 20 Mule Team's laundry booster, hydrogen peroxide, and very hot water. After blotting up as much as I could with paper towels, I saturated the area with the solution and waited a couple of minutes. I then blotted up the area with cleaning rags. Already it was almost gone. I then used the solution to scrub the area, gave it a final wipe with a fresh wet rag and blotted the area again. No stain, no smell. Easiest cleanup I've had in 15 years of dogs :) (09/16/2009)

By kidsanddogs

RE: Cleaning Dog Poop Stains Off a Rug

As a final step to these great cleaning methods use your wet vac! It takes the place of the blotting, it's powerful, and accomplishes the same thing as a steam rug cleaner. I have had great results with this just saturating with hot water on many stains, but afterward using cleaning formula helped get rid of final smell. (12/30/2009)

By geeverny

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