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I have fleas in my nose! What do I wash my face with? Or do to my nostrils? I have washed my hair with Dawn and also with dog shampoo?

By Kristy from Milwaukee, WI


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By Lisa 2 656 08/15/2010

I've never had a flea infestation as bad as you're describing. But if they're going up your nose, and if there is any possibility you've ingested even a part of a flea, you need to be concerned about tapeworms. Please do a search online for information, and if you have questions or concerns, call your family doctor. If you explain that you're fighting fleas at your house and are concerned about tapeworms, they should understand.

We've had fleas in our house twice. The first time, it was approaching the holidays and we were expecting guests, so we bombed the house and treated the cats. I don't like heavy use of chemicals like that, but it helped. The second time (maybe 5 or 6 years later), we had just taken in a stray kitten and he came with fleas. I got a spray for fleas and used it on all the areas the cats use, along with getting them treated (had to treat them for tapeworms, too). If you go that route, check the packaging labels, you want something specifically for fleas. I've also heard very good things about diatomaceous earth. You could do a search for that, too, for more information. It's not toxic for people, but will kill bugs. Be careful if you ever decide to use it outside, it will also harm beneficial insects (like bees).

Best of luck getting some relief and the fleas under control. It's an icky feeling. Please read up on tapeworms, and take it seriously. If they've gone up your nose, there is a possibility you've ingested one (or even part of one). You want to get that taken care of.

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If the fleas are that bad then you need a professional exterminator immediately and definitely call your doctors office with worries that you might have ingested even one! You don't need to swallow them in order to ingest them! If they are in your nose you could have sucked them in while breathing and then they go down your sinus' and in to your stomach :-o

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 08/19/2010

I would go to a doctor.

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By Sarah Mohammed S. 1 09/26/2013

Fleas keep coming to me my feet and legs. I take shower then fleas keep coming back.

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Question: Can Fleas Live in a Person's Hair?

I have a dog and fleas live on him. Can fleas live in a person's hair? If so how do you get rid of them?

By Gariela from Prishtina

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By gbk 45 368 06/16/2011

Walmart has a flea product that just came on the market and is cheaper than the others from the vets. Vets flea stuff is usually about 12 to l5 dollars a month and will fix the dogs problem. Use Talstar bag or liquid and dawn dish soap for the yard, in the house you can use permetrium 38percent 4 tablespoons to gallon of water and only have to do it maybe 2 times in 4 days that is to catch the eggs that hatch. This is the cheapest way to keep and get rid of fleas. I use advantagell and I have 9 dogs and 9 cats but still do the yard and house. On your hair just wash your hair in dawn dish soap and that will fix you, on the dog use dawn dish soap and vinigar in bath water & let them drown. I would do the bath or pay 5.dollars at vet for a pill that kills them but has no residual effect on fleas then work on debugging the rest of the stuff. The indoor spray can be used on your furniture and anywhere inside or out . Remember the more you vacuum also helps.

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We have had a flea infestation ever since a friend visited the house and sat on the carpet. We believe he brought them from either his cat or dog.


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