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How Long is Frozen Chicken Good After Defrosting?

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How long is chicken good for in the fridge after defrosting?

Stacie from Simpsonville, SC



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By Kay E. Diebel10/09/2007

I usually put my frozen piiece of meat [beef, chicken, etc.] in the fridge the evening before to defrost for the next day. If something comes up and I don't use the item that day, I have used it on the following day with no problems. After that I would disgard it as unsafe. In order to save money I buy meats, and other items, on the last day of sale [usually for half price] and freeze them at once. If the item you are defrosting is a last day of sale item, use it the day you defrost it. Also, it is safe to refreeze meat as long as there are ice crystals still present. KayD

By Carolyn C. Cooke [18]10/08/2007

Please don't wait any longer than the next day. If you originally froze the chicken yourself, and it wasn't frozen by the store, then thawed by them before you bought it, it may be good for another day.

By Denise (Guest Post)10/08/2007

If it were me, I would use and cook the chicken within 1-2 days of being unthawed.

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