Removing Paint and Grout from a Bathtub


How can I remove dried on grout from a porcelain bathtub?

By Ladydumaine from New Orleans, LA


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By Candace Dotson 1 8 10/02/2009

Razorblade: scrape it off, like you are going underneath. It will come off, but do not use corners or you could scratch. I used this when I used to clean apartments.

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Archive: Removing Paint and Grout From Bathtub

We are moving and the bathroom of the new place has just been painted and tiled, the old porcelain bath has been left with paint and grout splattered all over it. It makes it look dirty. What can I do? It seems to scratch easily.

Bec from Australia

RE: Removing Paint and Grout From Porcelain Bathtub

The person who painted our house left paint spatters all over the place (tile floor, hearth brick, woodwork). DH got them up with a razor blade or a flat bladed screwdriver, one by one. He spent something like 30 hours cleaning up. If the guy hadn't painted the garage for free, I would have sued him. (04/29/2005)

By cookwie

RE: Removing Paint and Grout From Bathtub

They make a product you can use if you can't scrape for fear of scratching. It's by Goo-Gone available at DIY stores. It comes in 3 types- original for adhesives, latex paint & caulk, or acrylic paint & caulk remover. It smells horrible, but you just dab it on the spots, wait and scrub off with a nylon or plastic scrubby pad. (10/05/2008)

By Sabien

RE: Removing Paint and Grout From Bathtub

(Submitted via email)

I've kinda the same problem. I'm a custodian and I've got porcelain sinks that have bad soap scum and caulk residue left all over them. I was using a razor blade to take most of it off but in some spots it looks like the soap scum isn't coming out. Just wondering if you tried any of these methods that the people suggested and how they worked. I'd greatly appreciate any advice.
Thanks, Jesse (02/13/2009)

By Sally_Admin

Archive: Removing Paint and Grout From Bathtub

Several years ago after painting a room in my house, I used the fiberglass bathtub in my guest bath to wash everything out. We won't get into how completely dumb that was, believe me I learned my lesson.

But anyway, since then I have used turpentine and everything else I could think of to get the paint off the bottom of the tub where it's got the non-skid pattern. Can anyone tell me how I can get it up?

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC

RE: Removing Paint and Grout From Bathtub

There is a product called "Klean Strip Fiberglass Paint Remover". Home Depot carries Klean Strip products. (05/09/2009)

By Anonymous

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