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Removing Pet Poop Odor from Carpets

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Removing Pet Poop Odor from Carpets  0 Layout Assign

Once the feces is picked up, this smell can linger. This guide is about removing pet poop odor from carpets.



Here are questions related to Removing Pet Poop Odor from Carpets.

Question: Getting Rid of Poop Odor

My two dogs have started pooping in the house and I have tried everything from bleach to vinegar to get rid of the smell, nothing is working. I have had to open the windows to help somewhat disburse the smell, but still can smell it. Please any suggestions will be appreciated to get rid of this smell.

Amy from Evansdale


Most Recent Answer

By Itchy09/09/2008

A good spot clean and then dump baking soda on it. Make sure to get as much of the moisture out of the spot that you can and then liberal amounts of baking soda left to sit will absorb the odor. Then vacuum it up. Don't forget to take care of your vac bag though. They can hold odors in your house that your nose may be used to, yet company can peg right away....

Question: Removing Pet Poop Odors from Carpet

How do you get doggy diarrhea smell out of your carpet? My carpet is very plush and a neutral color.

By Cindy from Alvin, TX


Most Recent Answer

By Joan [19]03/30/2010

I've always had success using equal parts vinegar and water.

Question: Removing Poop Odor from Carpet

My son takes his diaper and he has smeared poop all over his walls and floor. How do I get the smell out of his rug?

By Amy from Orlando, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Lee Taylor [10]12/11/2009

I've sprinkled dry coffee grounds on rugs, let it sit for several hours and then vacuum or shake outside and it's helped me with odors before. Good luck!

Question: Removing Cat Poop and Odor from Carpet

I would like to know how to get rid of the smell and residue of cat poop on carpet. Apparently our cat either had some on her paws or a little on her butt when she used the litter box and it all didn't come off in the box. She walked around the house and left some on the bedroom carpet. Does anyone know a natural way to get rid of the residue and smell? We tried using baking soda, but the residue is still there. How do you clean the area of the rug for this?

By Linda from Brighton, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]06/14/2012

Most any cleaner should take the stain up. For the odor use Natures Miracle, an enzyme cleaner found at most pet stores. Actually the Natures Miracle works well as a cleaner too. Remember it has to be fully dry for the odor to fade. I have also had good luck with a product called Fizzion, for both odor and cleaning.

Solutions: Removing Pet Poop Odor from Carpets

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