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Making Number Shaped Pinatas

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I want to make a pinata in the shapes of a 4 and 0 for a 40th birthday party. Any ideas?

Angela from Boston, MA



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By amanda [6]12/19/2008

I've made pinata's out of shopping bags (the ones with a handle). The first one I did was a bit tough to open so the next one, I scored (snipped slits in it) before I covered it. I glued on strips of streamers, then an image I printed out.

By Lisa from Lena, WI. (Guest Post)12/12/2008

You could use cardboard from cereal boxes or something (thin, non-corrugated) to make the outline of the numbers, then tape or glue pieces of newspaper to the front and the back to hold the shape. Then cover completely with your paper mache. We always dipped strips of newspaper in flour and water with a little salt so it wouldn't mold. Decorate with crepe paper streamers or tissue paper.

By dede smith [17]12/11/2008

You will have to surf through Thrifty Fun to see what to cover it with, but I should think the interior and base could be made from taped together playing cards, or flash cards.
Why taped together? Because at some point you want it to break open.

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