Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party


I would like some ideas for centerpieces for a masquerade party or ball.

By AuntyB


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I'm having a sweet sixteen and I want the theme to be masquerade. I am having problems finding center pieces for it. Can I please have some advice. Thanks.


RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

This is my idea, good or bad. Take some of the plain plastic eye masks (at the party stores, about .99 each) in gold, purple, etc. Decorate them with gems and feathers (feather on one side of the mask). Take a flower pot and a cone (tree) Styrofoam insert and glue together. Spray paint it gold. After it dries you can attach the embellished mask to it. If you want, add extra glitter or gems on the part of the Styrofoam the mask doesn't cover up. You could scatter some to the plastic beaded necklaces in Mardi Gras section around it.

You could also make masks for the guests, attach the sticks for them to hold, and put them in bud vases in the center of the table. Scatter beads and confetti around. (09/23/2008)

By Savings Assistant

RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

Sometimes dollar stores carry very pretty feathered masks in a variety of styles. They would be quite pretty glued to small sticks placed in a vase or even just laying on the table with some glitter or confetti scattered around them. You could even use them in combination with the plain masks in a variety of colors (09/25/2008)

By chriself

RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

For a simple centerpiece for any occasion use the square mirror tiles and place a votive candle in a clear holder. The mirror reflects the light. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to decorate. (09/26/2008)

By Polly

RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

I worked for an event planning company in Atlanta, and I would put these together for our casino nights and such all the time, but they'd be perfect for a masquerade party. Buy a couple of craft Styrofoam "blocks" in different sizes (round ones are best) and stack and glue them together like a cake (use a glue gun). Then buy a bunch of craft, large ostrich feathers in whatever theme colors you want.

Starting at the bottom and working your way around, stick the feathers into the Styrofoam sticking straight out. As you work your way up, slowly change the angle of the feathers. By the time you get to the top, they should be standing up straight. Then, go back and fill in any empty spaces. These are professional quality decor items and are super cheap and easy to put together. Plus they look awesome. (09/26/2008)

By kristingrace

RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

Archive: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

I'm going to have a sweet sixteen masquerade ball. I need help with center pieces. The colors are champagne and red.

By Stephanie

RE: Centerpiece Ideas For Masquerade Party

Red and clear champagne flutes with red and white masquerade masks on sticks and red and white Mardi Gras beads or confetti. Weight the glasses with putty (like you'd use in a dorm room) and wrap the beads around the base to cover the green putty that may show through. Maybe some red and white feathers too? (09/02/2010)

By mom of towers

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