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Use Your Oven Heat to Warm Your House

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After using your oven in the winter, turn it off and leave the door open so the leftover heat can spread into your home. Of course you need to keep small children away until it cools, but when it comes to conserving energy and money every little bit sure adds up.

By Patricia from Imperial, NE


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By That Guy12/06/2009

I hate to break it to you guys, but it doesn't matter whether you open the door to the dishwasher after dishes or to the oven after cooking. The same amount of heat has to be removed from the washer/oven either way - COE. Opening the door only speeds up the rate of heat rejection.

By abcs [4]11/23/2009

Here's some other related ideas. Let your dishwasher air dry, and let that hot air out in the cool months; if you can crack the door vs. fold it all of the way out, that's much safer (in the hotter months, run it overnight!). In addition, if you have stoneware, that gets extremely hot, I found. Use a heat mitt to take those out of the dishwasher and they radiate heat like crazy.

By terri [3]11/23/2009

I have done this for quite a few years - so good to see that others think like I do!

By Jackie11/23/2009

I also do this in cold months. Conversely, in warm months I seldom use my oven and opt for the grill or electric slow cooker instead.

By Gail Ledwith [1]10/10/2008

I also keep the oven door open after it has been used. I remember my mother doing it many years ago.

By susan [5]10/08/2008

I do this too, plus after I use a stove burner (electric), I put my full tea kettle on it. The heat left warms the water, allowing that warmth to radiate from the kettle.

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