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Processing and Selling Spanish Moss

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How do you clean and sanitize Spanish moss? How can I locate a buyer?

By Lee99


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By Karen Kwaak [2]05/04/2009

You can put it in the microwave for 1 to 3 minutes depending on the microwave. This will kill small any bugs such as redbugs and gnats. I would try asking at your local florist to see if they are interested in the moss.

By Cricket [201]05/04/2009

OMG! That is one product I will Never, ever, ever buy again! I love seeing it drape off the trees (we don't have it here but did in Charleston, SC and I loved it) and love the way it looks in potted plants. But when I bought some and put it on my potted plants, within an hour my whole house was swarming with gnats!
I took all my plants outside and got them all repotted and cleaned out, and tackled the hosue and finally got them all out of the house. Took forever!

So I tried one more time. This time before I did anything I soaked all the Spanish Moss in straight bug killer in a bucket for 2 days to make sure everything was killed. Then I put it on just one plant to test it out.
I was so glad I only did one plant, because lo and behold, those gnats came back! Don't ask me how, but they did! So now I just stick with pretty rocks, etc.

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