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Use Red Clay Saucer for Baking Stone

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When I had wanted a baking stone, and it was rather expensive, so, I thought about using red clay saucers, like red clay pots can bake bread in them, and I knew that pots and saucers can be fairly large. I was told to get red clay pots and saucers that are not painted or coated, just plain red clay.

I basically coated oil all over the saucer like I would with cast iron, and I baked them low for at least 4 hours. Whenever I saw that the saucer looked dry looking, I spread some more oil on it, until it stopped leaving dry spots. Make sure that you use a potholder when reapplying oil, the saucer is hot. I also spread the oil inside and outside, completely covered with the oil.

I really like and use it now for baking, and for many different things, they clean off easily, most of the time, with just a cloth or paper towel, or dampen anything stuck with a little water, and it quickly wipes out clean, and give it another wipe with fresh oil, and I store it in the still warm oven that is turned off.

The pizza crusts are amazingly perfect, like bought pizzas, rolls, round loaves of homemade bread, chips and cheese. I also have two smaller saucers, for personal pizzas, chips and cheese, crustless quiche pies, small pies or tarts, many things can be baked in them. For the smaller ones, they fit right on to a plate, and it keeps the food warmer longer while eating. Saucers come in many different sizes, so look for sizes that will fit anyone's needs.

Source: I believe I got the idea of Martha Stewarts clay pots for baking.

By kas2 from Rockford, MI


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By Jess [108]03/24/2014

I would only used unglazed terra cotta, as the glazes are generally what contain lead. I have seen recommendations to bake it first in a self cleaning oven to sanitize it.

By Lin [3]10/08/2010

It is an excellent tip with one big health question. Some of the gardening clay pots & bowls have lead components. Eating food that contains lead is very dangerous to your long-term health, especially children. So I suggest you check the lead if possible with the manufacturer. If there is any question, don't use it. There are also ways to leach the lead out. Google or ask here on ThriftyFun.

By Barbara Petty [13]11/05/2009

What a Great idea! And these saucers cost so much less than purchasing a pizza stone too. And another plus is the fact that you can have different sizes. Especially a personal pan pizza. You get 2 thumbs up!

By Anonymous [848]11/05/2009

Excellent tip, Kathi! Thank you so much for sharing and 'thumbs up' :-)

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