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Lids on Canned Tomatoes Turned Black


The canned tomatoes that were all done at the same time, but my daughter has stored hers in a warmer environment than I have. When she opened a jar tonight the canning lid was all black. The tomatoes taste OK, but I'm afraid that there could be a problem with them. She says she can see other lids (through the jar) that also have black on the inside lid.
Should I tell her to toss the whole works? The fruit that is stored in the same place seems to be OK.
Thanks for any help.

By BevM


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By Keeper 58 1,056 07/22/2011

I remember an old saying; When in doubt. Throw it out!

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By Joan B. 2 387 07/22/2011

I don't know if they would be any good or not. Did you can them together or did she do hers at her home? I do know that I was brought up that home canned goods should be stored in a cool place like an unfinished basement, you don't want it to be cold enough that the stuff will freeze, but cool.

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By llpensinger 15 64 07/22/2011

Throw away like Keeper said when in doubt. There could be so many reasons why this happened that I wouldn't take the chance of someone becoming ill because of using.

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By Lilac 20 1,331 07/25/2011


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By Cindy 111 07/25/2011

I use to do a lot of canning. Sometime I would get some jars with black on the lids. If I remember right it was mostly tomatoes or peppers. Things with high acid. Can not remember if they had been canned for a while or not, but I always toss them out. You can not tell if they will make you sick or even kill you by tasting. As Keeper said When in doubt. Throw it out.

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