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Dog With Arthritis

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What is a natural remedy I can give my 85lb. 11 year old dog for her arthritis. My dog Skye, has hip and leg pain. Some days are worse than others. I can put her a prescribed drug, but I don't like the side effects she has. I have her on a arthritic dog bed. She has been a great dog and I would like to make her remaining years as comfortable as possible.

By xintexas from San Antonio, TX


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By vicki hood [4]08/24/2010

Ditto for fatboyslimsmom.

By Gloria [5]08/24/2010

What a beautiful dog. Listen to fat boy slims mom. she's got it going on.

By Lola08/22/2010

Two words, glucosamine sulphate, may not have spelled it correctly. Not toxic, like it sounds, ask your herbalist or vitamin specialist, amazing results within a couple of weeks. Hope that helps.

By Frances Adams [11]08/21/2010

My vet always said that aspirin only should be given, if not the prescription dog medications, and not Tylenol to dogs. I gave my adult 75 pound dog 2 baby aspirins daily. You can do a search online for glucosamine, chondroitin dog supplements, and see what strengths they are, and see if you can substitute a human product for it. Also add Omega 3, again, searching online for the appropriate amounts.


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Archive: Dog With Arthritis

Does anyone know what I can do for an arthritic Golden Retriever? The vet wants to put her on Rimadyl and that is very expensive. Are there any home remedies that might relieve her pain or does anyone know of anything else? I have been giving her one children's aspirin when she acts like she's not feeling well with the leg, but I'm not sure that's enough. She is over-weight at 80 lbs., which we are working on. Any help I can get will be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time! Robin from Washington, IA

RE: Dog With Arthritis

Hi, You can try doggie aspirin, which is available at feed stores or online. It is buffered, but you need to watch for stomach upset. There are also many chewable glucosamine/chondroitin formulas. This is a dietary supplement for dogs (and people, too). These take time to work, but can help as well. Make sure you buy the canine version of this supplement. Getting your dog's weight down will help, too. So will regular but not intense exercise. Good luck! (02/21/2007)

By Utahyogini

RE: Dog With Arthritis

I know of an natural antioxidant product that works great for dogs and cats. It is a power that you mix into their food. It is natural. It costs about $20 for a 6 month supply. You can tell if it is helping within hours of taking it. Contact me if you want more information. I have received several requests for more information. The product is called PetHealth OPC Formula for Dogs and Cats. It has glucosamine and OPC, an anti inflammatory which is natural. No harm to tine livers, etc. You can find it at Search by product name. It works wonders in a quick period of time. Good luck! My kitty has a immune deficiency which causes her teeth to rot from the inside is helping her, too! (02/21/2007)

By FA2

RE: Dog With Arthritis

Forgot to mention that the Rimadyl website offers a $10 coupon for the first purchase and $5 for subsequent refills. The drug company sends you a coupon, which the vet redeems. UT (02/22/2007)

By Utahyogini

RE: Dog With Arthritis

I used to give my old dog a Glucosamine vitamin every day and this really helped. They are actually adding this to many "Senior" dog foods already. (02/22/2007)

By Dawn

RE: Dog With Arthritis

Dog Gone Pain works good. They have their own website and other companies sell it online. (02/22/2007)

By Rose Mary

RE: Dog With Arthritis

I definitely believe in giving all older dogs glucosamine for arthritis. You can usually find it at pet supply stores and online websites. It reverses the damage caused by arthritis. (02/22/2007)

By tedsmom

RE: Dog With Arthritis

We use the MSM and Omega 3-6-9,(anti-inflammatory) same as we take from the drug store and allow for size. We also took out a book on dog massage from the library and now our 100 lb. GSD has his pills and back massage every day. An extra comfortable bed helps a great amount as well. Rimadyl is hard on the dog's liver and there are better things such as Metacam if you have it. I went through the whole routine once before with an older dog who is gone now and the vet gave us the Metacam at discount then as we were regular consumers. (02/22/2007)

By Carol

RE: Dog With Arthritis

I'm starting my Golden on Adequan Canine injections this weekend. It's a bit pricey but it has proven results in adding to the dogs quality of life. Ask your vet and good luck! (03/08/2007)

By C--

Archive: Dog With Arthritis

My old Sheltie is starting to limp and shows he is in pain from arthritis. I have him on glucosamine and chondroitin .


Archive: Dog With Arthritis

I have an old dog, about 15, who has arthritis in her hips. She's a German Shepherd cross. I can't afford to take her to the vet. What can I give her to ease the pain?


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