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Removing Rust from Well Water

Well water running a in a sink.

Well water can contain rust. Not only does rust in your water make the water reddish, unappetizing, and possibly bad tasting it can also stain laundry and other items. This is a guide about removing rust from well water.



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Question: Removing Rust From Well Water

How do I get rid of rust in my well water?

Carrie from Rushville, Ohio

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By Dicko 1 07/07/2012 Flag

Remove your well head and find a long enough garden hose to run from an outside hydrant or faucet on the side of the house back to the well. Put the hose down the well. Mix one gallon of water with the appropriate amount of "Iron Out" mixed into it (you can pick it up at Wal-Mart) and one gallon of Clorox to pour down the well head.

Turn on the outside faucet/hydrant and let the mixture run through the well and other pipes. If the well water runs to the house, it should get at least to the pressure tank and flow through other pipes. If it is like mine, it goes through the pressure tank, water filter and water softner before returning to the well. Let it run for an hour or two to get all of that initial "rust" out of those lines.

Once you turn the outside hose off, turn on all of the inside faucets until you can smell or see the rust out (you will be able to smell it and see some bubbles). Then turn off you faucet so that the mixture can sit in the pipes for a while. It will eat away at the rust built up in the pipes.

You will want to run the faucets for a while after it has sit so that it will be flushed from the pipes (you wont want to drink it, bathe in it or wash with it - the concentration is too strong). Do this every three to six months depending on how much "iron" you have in your water. It is a cheap and easy way to remove it.

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Question: Rust at the Bottom of Well

The rust I am dealing with is at the bottom of my well, the well was not used for 5 years. When I first started using it, it ran clear with a iron taste to it, but clear. I let the outside hose run for awhile and big amounts of rust like sand came out the hose, enough to leave about 1/4 inch on side walk. Do I need to pull the well pump?

By Dean

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