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Do Wilton Candy Melts Contain Gluten?

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Do Wilton Candy Melts contain gluten?



Recent Answers

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By Kathleen Holmes (Guest Post)11/20/2008

I contacted Wilton Industries. They confirmed that there is NO GLUTEN in the candy; NO Gluten in the plant. That makes one little granddaughter very happy. Thank you for giving me the contact information.

By Harriet Schipper [7]11/14/2008

You apparently have or are cooking for someone who has celiac or is gluten intolerant for other reasons. ... htm?gclid=CN3M3Znw9ZYCFRNOagod_CBjXw
is safe because it is advertised on and all there ads have to be. also has lists of unsafe and safe ingredients. If you have a bag of the melts, you could go online and check out the questionable items.

You could also call Wilton and ask them. I tried, but it was already too late today. Let us know when you find out:)

Wilton Industries
2240 W. 75th St.
Woodridge, IL 60517
Phone: 630-963-1818 or 800-794-5866
Fax: 630-963-7196 or 888-824-9520

Candy making is fun, we just have to make it safe for celiacs too:)


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