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Removing Paper Stuck to a Photo

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Photographs save our precious moments and memories. This guide is about how to save a photograph that has paper stuck to it.


Solutions: Removing Paper Stuck to a Photo

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Tip: Un-du Adhesive Remover

It's actually spelled oddly: 'Un-du'. They also have it on Amazon, and their search will find it even spelled correctly. Buena suerte!

    By yomama1971 [3]

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    Question: Paper Stuck to a Photo

    I have a photo that got slightly damp and some paper is now stuck to my picture where it was wet. Does anyone know how to get the paper off without damaging the picture?

    Jessica from Marion, NC

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    By Janette 91 153 08/24/2007

    An excellent product for that problum is called Undo. You can find it in any craft store. I have also seen it in Lowes. Walmart also carries it. I hope this helps. Janette

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