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Cleaning Walls in a Mobile Home

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I live in a mobile home, and the glue that they used in the panels is showing through. To make matters worse, yes, we are smokers. How can I clean these stains off? I've used every cleaning product that I can get my hands on, and I am concerned about scrubbing because it will wear the vinyl through. I'm too scared to use paint thinner, and as they are vinyl, I'm not sure how well that would ultimately work, I really need your help!

Shirley from Ohio



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By denise w (Guest Post)03/29/2008

Powered spic and span works to take off smoke and nicotine on walls.

By Sarah Leach [8]03/26/2008

I've read several good ideas but it's true that most of these ideas will probably damage the vinyl wall coverings.
My honest suggestion would be to scrub the walls then repaint. Use KILLZ primer then paint over that. KILLZ actually blocks even nicotine stains if you can't scrub them off. I lived in a Mobile Home for nearly 20 years in which tie we did the same thing for the same reasons. However, my folks had panneling instead ofthe vinyl covered wall board.... It was actually harder to scrub the panneling, but the KILLZ worked really well on it anyway.
BigLots and many discount stores carry KILLZ and house paints. Be sure that you do NOT use an oil based primer under a water-based paint. However a water-based primer can go under an oil-based paint.
Good Luck!

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)03/26/2008

I see someone else has already suggested asking for help at Lowes or Home Depot. Thats good advice.

I am suggesting you think about painting the surface. There are paints on the market that wont allow odors or mildew to permeate them. There must be one that can help you. More than likely you'll need a primer. But if you ask the experts (Lowes or Home Depot) they will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do. You don't need to buy anything right then. There is no charge for asking. (smile) Painting anything makes it look brand new!

By kim in TN (Guest Post)03/25/2008

Have you tried Mr. Clean Magic erasers? They seem to clean just about Everything, it may take some scrubbing and a few, but I have found that Wal Mart has the generic brand and you get 4 in a box and yhey work just as well....

By Gayle03/24/2008

Awesome....I get it at the dollar store. Yes, that is the name of the product. It is great. Test a small area out of sight first. Like any cleaning product make sure you leave it on long enough to work. Start at the bottom of the wall and work your way up, as the drips will run and then you have streaks. If you can not find Awesome, Goof Off might work on the glue then wash from the bottom up. I smoke too and usually use Dawn and water which cleans the smoke off the walls and ceilings. Rinse and dry if you have too.

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]03/24/2008

There is nothing that will remove nicotine resin without damaging your paint, paneling, upholstery, carpet, everything. It is nasty stuff (you can imagine what it does to your lungs)

Try consulting with a paneling expert at Lowes or Home Depot -- hopefully they'll be able to help you.

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