Decorations for Club's Italian Night Dinner


I want to make decorations for our club's Italian Night dinner. Any ideas? I need help!

By Patty J from Ft. Pierce, FL


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By RSBlain 9 01/08/2011

This site has a lot of nice ideas. Their are links for Holidays, Weddings, Parties etc. at the top of the page: www.decorateyourtable.com/ and, people with similar problems, needing party decorating ideas got a lot of nice ideas from helpful people here: stretcher.com/stories/971009f.cfm and I thought I'd mention how much I love the Goodwill stores for a spot to find bits of nice decorating things very inexpensive especially at this time of year when many people are unloading Christmas ornamentals including greenery they have grown tired of. I love shopping there as you never know what great finds are waiting for you. If you are a senior, our Goodwill gives half off their prices on Sunday to seniors and half off to everyone on Saturday. Have fun with your party decorations. I hope it turns out well.

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By RSBlain 9 01/08/2011

I was just going through the first site I gave you and not real happy with how much they have but found one very good link with holiday and winter decoration photos. You can click on the photos to bring them up large. A nice variety: www.decorateyourtable.com/christmas-winter-table-decorations.html and the ideas can be altered to fit your needs.

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By bkvander 2 114 01/08/2011

Classic red & white check pattern is fun.
Wine bottles with candles dripping down their sides (put on top of a plate.)
Bread baskets with bread sticks
Italian music (download)

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