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Removing Scalded Milk Stain from Pot

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I heated onion soup with milk and let it boil over. I immediately soaked the pan in hot soapy water. I cannot get the stain off my pot. I have hand washed it, used steel wool, run it though the dishwasher multiple times and nothing works. Help please!

By Melinda D. from OKC, OK


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By Beth [25]06/29/2011

If it's just a stain, it won't affect the pot. You can still use it. If it's stuck on milk, then one of the other suggestions should work.

By vicki hood [4]06/28/2011

A little Cascade dishwasher detergent in water. Simmer a little, let stand awhile. Newer DW detergent has no phosphates. You may have to add quarter teaspoon TSP.

By marty [3]06/28/2011

My mom would put the pan on the stove half full of cold water. Bring to a simmer and then let sit for half an hour. At that point you should be able to get it clean. You might add a little dish soap.

By jules [5]06/27/2011

Also, baking soda scours well without scratching. Dampen a sponge, then put dry baking soda on and scrub in a circular motion section by section, adding more as you go. Scalded milk is one of the worst. Good luck!

By Robyn [366]06/27/2011

You might try lemon juice if the vinegar doesn't work. First, though, put water in the pan and get the water hot and boil again. This should take the milk stain up or at least make it easier to clean out by making the scalded milk come off the pan. Heat works sometimes when elbow grease does not.


By mcw [79]06/27/2011

Pour some white vinegar into the pan and sprinkle in a small handful of salt and rub the stained away with a cloth or sponge. It might remove the stain and discoloration.

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