Losing 20 lbs. in Two Months

My friends asked me to join them on a trip to Egypt in 2 months. My problem is that I need to lose 20 pounds by then. I should start a diet, but which one? I googled some diets but I didn't find one that I really like. Which one do you follow? I'd appreciate it if you`d leave some information about the diet you specify. Thanks.


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First of all, what weight and height are you to start with? 20 lbs sounds like a lot of weight to lose. use your weight and height to calculate your bmi (body mass index, there are calculators online). if you're obese, ie bmi >30 I suggest halving your portion sizes and starting a gentle exercise regimen. 30 mins brisk walk 5 days a week. By brisk I mean that you get out of breath!

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20 lbs in 2 months is not an outrageous goal. It's just over 2lbs lost per week. The challenge is sustaining that level of weight lost over 8 weeks.

Don't worry about doing anything fancy. Like JPK suggested, brisk walking is great for the "burn more calories" part. Then add other great lifestyle things like, drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily, eating a healthy breakfast, and cutting your portions in half.

That's it. Eating less and exercising more will get you farther than you imagine. Good luck!

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Cut out soft drinks even diet has sodium, lessen sodium and you will see a big difference no matter what plan you go with.

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Hi I am a mum of 2 and 3 years ago at the age of nearly 30 I decided to lose weight. I had never dieted before and at weight of 11 stone, I did follow weight watchers point program and within 3 months i was into the 8 stone I could not believe it and in all fairness I am 12 stone now and have no will power but regardless I did it on weight watchers and I will do it again.

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First, you really have to want to loose this weight and not just wish you lost it.

This worked and still works great for me. I eliminated all frying. I steamed everything, yes everything. If I wanted eggs for breakfast, I would use a non-stick pan and cover the bottom of the heated pan with the organic brown rice I cooked up the night before. Using a spatula, I would punch groves into the rice and crack my eggs on top of it. Season the eggs, add a couple of tblsp of water and cover with lid. The entire dish is steamed with no fat. If seasoned properly, it's quite tasty.

I made sure not to eat after 7pm. But if I did need to snack, it was on brown rice or sweet potato. I got all this from that English television show from England, where the tiny lady helps very heavy people loose weight. I can't remember the name of the show. But I picked up a lot of great tips from her.

In the last 2 weeks of the 2nd mth, (I had not lost much until then), every morning that I woke for work, I noticed that my clothes were literally inches looser. By the end of that week, I had to call work to tell them that I would be late as I had no clothes that would fit me, all my slack were falling off me (I always wear slacks). I had to rush to the mall and get slacks in a size 9-10. My old ones were a size 14.

I made sure I had freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast, lunch every day. If I wanted juice, I made my own....not store bought, way to much sugar. I cut out all bread and replaced that with organic brown rice. I alternated my protein, preparing it without any fat. Ate my veggies and fruit. No junk foods and once a week I allowed myself to cheat with a snack.....which consisted of organic oatmeal with organic or Canadian honey and cinnamon.

Within a week you really do not have cravings. Oh, you really do need the good fats, so I would make sure I had a Tbsp. of cod liver oil daily, or a tsp. of cold pressed olive oil on my salad with either freshly squeezed lemon juice or vinegar. Just don't fry with oil. That is the bad.

Complex Carbs keep away the hunger pain longer It's the simple carbs that put on the weight. Check out this link:


I know that you can and will loose the 20lbs and then some. Just watch what you put into your mouth and try real hard not to eat after 7pm. Once your in Egypt, you will see an entirely different way of eating. Much healthier than here in North America.

One more thing. I do now fry with a tiny bit of Organic Virgin Coconut Cold Press Oil. It does NOT change structurally like the other oils do in high heat. It is much better and safer for you.

Check this out.


Coconut Oil Diet Secrets


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That's not an impossible goal, but losing about 2 pounds a week leaves pretty much no room for error, either. As others have suggested, you'll probably HAVE to step up your activity level, along with reducing the number of calories you take in. You can try limiting your calories to about 1,000 per day, although sometimes a substantial caloric reduction like that will send our body into "starvation" mode where your metabolism will slow and weight loss will also slow.

The only method that really has worked for me over the years is to compute the calories in every single bite I eat, write them down during the day, and stop when I reach a pre-determined limit. This is basically the method Weight Watchers teaches, although they have it down much more to a science. Joining up and following their program can make your weight loss even more efficient, although it's certainly not the most thrifty option.

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A new study proved that it doesn't matter what diet you try.. it's all about calories. Watch your food intake very carefully. Choose low calorie over high calorie foods. A great support website is sparkpeople.com. In fact they'll write a menu for you & count your calories too. Good luck!

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Weight Watchers was outstanding to me. I lost 20 pounds really fast. Had I exercised, I would have lost more faster! And WW keeps you accountable. Very important!

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I found the TV show that I mentioned in my last post, were this tiny English Lady, Jillian shows overweight people how to loose weight, the healthy and fast way.

It is called "You Are What You Eat". It is on in Ontario Canada every week day on Rogers channel 27, W=Woman's Television Network at 1:30 p.m..

Jillian really does a great job. The show is definitely a must see. You can record it while you are at work. Hope this helps you.

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Four things are needed to lose weight:

1. Calorie control

2. Exercise

3. Support group

4. Accountability God bless you and have

fun on the great trip!

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Exercise! Diet without exercise is practically meaningless. You will just gain it back.

A good thing to remember. 1/2 plate of veggies, 1/4 lean protein (chicken), 1/4 carb(rice etc.) Drink WATER instead of soda, juice or any other calorie filled drinks you usually consume. Want dessert? Grab an apple. This certainly works, and is a great way to live.

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You have to accept the fact that your diet needs to permanently change. If what you liked to eat worked; you'd be thin and energetic already.

Your life changes should be focusing on a great diet...meaning you learn all the protein, carb and vitamin contents of the foods you eat and ensure you get all your vitamins from your foods. Cut out all processed sugars, unhealthy fats, limit salt intake, drinks lots of water and exercise daily.

I've found that focusing on eating all the foods I need to get the right nutrients makes it a positive thing and I don't feel deprived. If you try to "diet" and eat foods that are chemical sugar and salty substitutes for the bad food you usually eat; it's a recipe for failure.

Be prepared to give it a good two weeks for your tastebuds to revive so you really taste the non salted/sugarless foods goodness.

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I am using the Low Carb diet, like Atkins, and I lose an average of 2-3 lbs a week. You can check out the science behind why this works by reading Dr. Atkins' books, or by checking out http://www.Atkins.com there are a lot of great recipes on the website.

Be sure that whatever "diet" or better yet, "eating plan" you chose, you do it in a healthy way, and drink plenty of water, get your exercise and take a multi-vitamin every day.

Chose the plan that you will have the least trouble sticking to, no diet is right for every person. Good luck!

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I came across a FREE ebook "How To Boost Your Metabolism" from the Negative Calorie Diet.com site. It is quite an interesting read and should help you a lot.

Just skip the top part of links called Clickable Links, as they take you to other web sites selling their wares. Just scroll down past those to the ebook.

If the link below will not open directly to the FREE ebook page, then copy and paste the link into your address bar.


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The way I lost 52 lbs. After gaining during pregnancy was; (are you sitting down?) I spent my share of the grocery money on baby foods when on sale! They are absolutely pure, great, in need of your choice of seasoning, and when accompanied with regular deep breathing, taking in a much as possible, holding the stomach in as long as possible without fainting, and letting the air out slowly, regular sleep, c o n t i n u a l housework, picking up, and walking rather than sitting, two children's chewable multi-vits/minerals daily, "milk thistle " liver cleansing herb supplement 2 times/wk., Calcium citrate/ w/vit.D and 1 capsule of refrigerated acidophiles daily, arctic krill oil cap, evening primrose oil capsule, with 15 min. Of sunlight and 8 oz. Grapefruit to drink 1 x day, and as much cold water as possible per day, you will both look and feel great, but will meet that goal in time if you are able to eliminate all else and get creative with the warmed baby foods, including dry toast each meal, and a baby food desert. I prefer the organics, but you make the choice.

If this doesn't appeal to you, my friend swears by boiled cabbage and whole organic canned unsalted tomatoes made into soup for ten days to two weeks, along with deviled eggs, and broiled white chicken or turkey, and only canned pears "in it's own juice", or ice water or teas/coffees, or "lime water (one capful of lime concentrate to 10 oz. Ice water, sweetened with splenda or stevia to taste, which shrinks your stomach in three days and helps you to feel full on less food). Eat every four hours about a cereal bowl full, and drink the juice as well. You can have brown rice as an alternate to either veggie, but nothing else.

Remember good regular sleep and deep breathing.

I did my own form of pilates over the years, but got away from it these past fifteen plus years, and enjoyed the way it tightened my muscles up, yet I didn't really lose weight doing just exercises!

(Talking about this makes me want to get on with losing the 30 lbs. Which I've gained over thirty years, since I lost on the baby food.) Thank you for the memories it brought back and the motivation! Lol god bless and help you. : )

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