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Recipes for Electric Deep Fryer

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I am looking for recipes for an electric deep fryer (ie. chicken, fried mushrooms, potato chips, donuts).




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By KL [3]11/15/2008

I dont have a deep fryer but there are tons of recipes online. Here's a few links to get you started: ... cipes_Recipes_for_the_Deep_Fryer.htm,1-0,deep_fryer,FF.html

If I had one I would probably try:

chicken or fish, or tempura prawns
egg rolls or wontons
corn dogs

hush puppies
apple fritters
funnel cakes !
mini apple pies or turnovers

tortilla chips
onion rings

At fairs they deep fry just about anything:
twinkies, snickers bars, oreos, bananas...

My mom used to make a Christmas cookie called Fattigman, Klejner or Bow Ties that was deep fried. And also Rosettes that were fried too but you need a special rosette iron.

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