Remedies for Dog Mange

Remedies for Dog Mange

Before trying any home remedy for mange, it's important to check with your veterinarian. This guide contains remedies for mange.


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Tip: Hibbi Scrub for Mange

I had a litter of puppies that got puppy mange. I tried everything to get rid of it and nothing worked. So I tried hibbi scrub which worked a treat. It cleared the mange up in 2 weeks. You just fill your bath up, pop a bit in, and bathe the puppies 2-3 times a week. It's very cheap too. I also have a Pointer that gets skin problems every so often, so I do the same with her. A quick bath and it's all cleared up again.

By Becky

Editor's Note: Chlorhexadine is the active ingredient in Hibbi Scrub and other skin cleaners.

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Tip: Borax for Mange

Borax laundry soap! It can be found at Wal-Mart in the laundry aisle for less then $4. It's a multi purpose cleaning agent. Works wonders. This is only a topical remedy.

Please note: DO NOT USE BORIC ACID. It will kill your dog! Please do not use this! It's used to bait and kill roaches and other pests. I can understand how this can be confusing. Most people have never heard of borax even though its been around since 1891.

This home remedy is cheap and easy to do. I have treated my dogs as well as with this method. It will work as long as you keep up with it.

Good luck!


  • 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup borax*

*Add BORAX until it will not dilute any longer in solution. It does not take a lot. Solution should have a dark milky look.



  1. Mix solution well in a bowl. Apply generously with wash cloth to infected areas.
  2. Do not rinse off, let solution dry. Try to refrain your dog from licking until completely dry.

    DO NOT use near "eyes". It will burn your pet's eyes.
  3. This needs to be applied every other or third day, depending on the severity of your dog condition, for six to eight weeks. If you do not treat every other day or the mange isn't completely gone, it "will" come back and spread.

This will dry your dog's skin out. If you feel your pet is still uncomfortable, use plain olive oil to moisturize your pet's skin.

Children's Benadryl helps your dog with the itching, scratching and chewing but do NOT give to your pet everyday!

Another thing to try as well as using the borax solution is vitamins such as fish oils, vitamin C, E, etc. Mange is a immune deficiency problem. Your pet's immune system may not be strong enough to fight the nasty little mites off.

By Brian Y. [1]

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Here are questions related to Remedies for Dog Mange.

Question: Home Remedy of Canine Mange

I have a four month old Chow and Akita mix. I've had her since she was 12 weeks old. I luv her to death. I've tried everything, even vet trips it clear up the mange and then it comes back. When she was younger she was around a dog with mange.

I rescued her from the previous owner, who had a dog who had a litter of five that they let run in the road. I am an animal lover, hard core, so I took all the puppies, all five, in and bathed them, wormed them, and found them all homes.

It wasn't till Nikita was 3 months old, that I noticed her hair was starting to fall out. I changed her diet, shampoo, and would wash her bedding once or twice depending on the type of day, but I'd say it is getting worse.

She's had all her shots except rabies which she won't get till she's six months. I've taken her to the vet and they assumed it was an allergy, so I changed her food again to Puppy Chow.

It's just getting worse, now she's missing hair on her feet, face, tail, chest, etc. I went to my local farm store called Gliders in Griffin Vanceboro they gave me Bannix to try. I saw some improvement. Her hair started growing back, but then after a week it stopped so I decided to go back and they gave me this yellowish mange shampoo for sarcoptic mange and I have gone through two bottles. I see her hair growing back, but I'm looking into home remedies because I either have that crazy amount of money to pay it their treatments aren't going to work.

I had called the pound to see what they would do and they told me they would come get her, but they would only keep her for 4 days then put her down. I said a few choice words after bursting in to tears and decided against it. I love her so much she's like my kid. I can't and won't, so please can anybody help me with any advice. I am willing to try. I just want her better. Thanks.

By Tiffany from Grifton

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Most Recent Answer

By Marilyn T. 2 12/23/2012

Add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 3% to half teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and dilute in a cup of water. Take needle off a syringe and fill with liquid. Squirt one syringe of liquid in dog's mouth, 3 times per day for at least two weeks. Make sure you give him a treat after each dose because it tastes horrid but it should cure him.

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Question: Remedy for Genetic Mange

Are there any home remedies for genetic mange? A friend's dog has it pretty bad and they may have to put it down. They bought the puppy from a pet and garden store and he had no signs of it then, but now he does and it's pretty bad.


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Most Recent Answer

By Vicki H. 34 01/15/2013

Yes, yes, yes. Easy, inexpensive, 4 baths in 2 weeks cures all manges. Check Hibbi scrub. It is a very diluted medical scrub that I am told is very safe. It is chlorhex something. No time to research again. Need to get this to you now.

Also important - these dogs must be spayed and neutered. Demedex mange will be transmitted from the pregnant Mom. You can cure these pups but please do not let them breed. Online you can puchase this medical scrub. Trying to remember what percentage of the chlorhex this should be. Shelters can buy it by the gallon which will last for many many dogs because alls needed is a very small amount in bath water.

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Question: Home Remedy for Dog Mange

How do I cure dog mange?

By Tracy from Murray, KY

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By Angel C. 1 14 11/16/2011

You can cure dog mange with sulfur which you can get from the drug store for about 6 bucks. Mix it with lard and rub it on the dog!

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Question: Health Advice For Dog With Demodectic Mange

I have a 6 month old boxer that's just been diagnosed with demodectic mange. He's on invert. per vet once a day (for a while)I've changed his diet from Nutro lg. breed puppy chow to Nature's Variety (frozen raw & freeze dried kibble) no grain or pot. With this I add a raw egg and a tablespoon of salmon oil. This is all in the attempts to boost his immune system. He isn't itching or bitting himself. Just losing his hair mostly on his face/head. There are a couple of places on his body but mostly it's on his head (AROUND HIS EYES). I'm looking to treat his skin with something that isn't going to hurt his eyes. Can anyone help?

Susan from SC

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By Angela 5 04/10/2010

I am a veterinarian. The only safe thing you can put around your pet's eyes is simple neosporin (no cortisone). This will not kill the mites. A separate product is needed for that. Please do not put anything else on your pet's skin w/o asking a veterinarian. People on these sites mean well, but I can't tell you how many times I've treated chemical burns on poor animals whose owner read it online! Good luck

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Question: Treating a Dog With Mange

I would like to know how to get rid of mange on my dog because she just had puppies?

By Shay

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Most Recent Answer

By vicki hood 4 564 08/14/2012

How sad. Demadex mange in mother means all pups are born with it. Sarcoptic mange is very contagious. Vet needs to treat all. If you cannot afford, contact animal groups in your area for suggestions on help. Was this mother dog given to you? Dumped? Where did you get her? No doubt you will have to go to immune build up diet, supplements and meds. No vaccines or you will never get rid of the mange. Vets that are in the know never vaccinate dogs with mange.

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Question: Home Remedy for Mange

How do I get rid of mange on my dog, by doing it the home remedy way?

By Tiffany W.

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By Ce 4 118 11/16/2011

You definitely need to take your dog to the vet, ASAP. Your dog is suffering and he needs to start treatment like yesterday.

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Question: Using Borax to Treat Mange

What kind of borax should I use in Ted's dog mange remedy? Is it OK if I use borax flux, the one that is being used in welding.

By Noel

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Most Recent Answer

By Pixiedust7 7 822 08/09/2011

Borax is poisonous and should not be used around pets. After all, it's used to kill fleas and roaches. Please see a vet or go online to Drs Foster and Smith, Petco or Petsmart and get something that is safe to use on your pet.

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Question: Treating Mange With Borax and Peroxide

Regarding the tip on treating dog mange with borax and peroxide mix, how long are you suppose to leave the mix on before giving the dog a bath?

By Candace from Houston, TX

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Most Recent Answer

By Sherri 10 552 08/09/2011

Please take your fur-baby to the Veterinarian for an exam. Your Vet will take a skin scraping to determine which type of mange your dog has, if it is mange. Your Vet will also prescribe a medication for you. Having mange is very painful for your pet. Good luck

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Question: Using Oxiclean To Treat Mange

Can I use Oxiclean for treatment of demodactic mange? The ingredients are sodium perborate and sodium percarbate.

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Most Recent Answer

By Jean 2 8 08/21/2008

I don't have an answer for you, but try www.earthclinic.com they are a great website for alternative methods. They have a section for pets and I think mange as well. Best wishes for a quick and lasting solution.

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Question: Treating a Dog with Mites

I can not afford the vet, but love my dog. He definitely has mites. I have taken him twice to a vet. They tell me they think it's this, but will not treat without a KOH test. They've had him on over a month's worth of antibiotics. Is there really nothing I can do to help my Bubbie? We are poor. Going back to the vet is out of the question. I wish it were not so, but can any vet out there help me?

By Kristin

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Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny 9 1,216 11/29/2013

Check out the doctors Foster and Smith website. They have good products for mites. Also try Valley Vet supply.

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Question: Bathing a Dog Treated for Sarcoptic Mange

My puppy was just dipped last night for treatment of sarcoptic mange. I was also given antibiotics and Revolution. How long do I have to wait to bathe her? And when is it safe to hold her again?

By Josie L

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Most Recent Answer

By Sherri 10 552 03/02/2013

Hello... Aww poor fur baby! Please call your Veterinarian for these answers. Your Veterinarian should have given you "at home" instrtuctions when your pet was discharged. Good luck with your precious baby.

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Question: Remedy for Mange

How do I get rid of dog mange?

By Betty

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Most Recent Answer

By Robin Harrison 80 06/21/2012

There are different types of mange -- here is a good link that explains the types:
http://www.petwave.com/Dogs/Dog-Hea ... nter/Skin-Disorders/Mange/Types.aspx

Sorry to say, but I think your dog needs to see a vet to determine what type he/she has and the best way to treat it. One of these types is contagious to humans so you probably don't want to wait too long before seeking help. Good luck!!

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

Archive: Dog Mange Remedies

Our dog Ginger, a yellow Lab, has developed somthing that looks like mange at the base of her tail and small spots in the surrounding area. She itches like crazy at times and bites at it. Her hair in that area has fallen out just this week exposing spots of skin. Fred, a black Lab and her partner in life does not seem to be affected at all by what she has deveploped even though they share the same dog house and play together. What home remedies can I try before having to go to the vet as my income is very limited?

Mr. Bill

RE: Dog Mange Remedies 07/04/2005
A bucket of sudsy water (use Tide or any clothes detergent) and 1 tablespoon of bleach. Sponge the dog down with this mixture and make sure he lays out in the sun for drying. The first week, I would do this about every other day and after that you should see improvements. I was raised on a farm and my grandfather told us about this when I was liitle. My mom washed with the old time wringer washer. Our dog had mange twice that I can remember and it works great. Be patient and you will see it cured. Also, I would clean his bedding area daily.
By Abby
RE: Dog Mange Remedies 07/04/2005
It might not be mange. Fleas like to nest near a dog's tail. Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and will lose fur and have the appearance of mange. If it is fleas, Advantage is very good. I would check with a vet. The sooner you catch this the better.
By Anna
RE: Dog Mange Remedies 07/04/2005
I agree -- possible allergies to fleas or something else. Definitely take the dog to the vet to find out for sure rather than exposing already irritated skin to harsh chemicals like clothes detergent and bleach! A good bath with a hypoallergenic or anti-itch DOG shampoo may help. If the dog gets an infection from chewing around the tail, it will be far more expensive than getting an opinion and flea meds now. There are also products out there for "hot spot" relief, but I tried a "natural" one on my dog and he just cried that it burned his irritated skin and was a waste of money and I felt bad about it. The vet gave me a solution to put on the irritated skin to help it heal and it works very well.
By guest
RE: Dog Mange Remedies 07/04/2005
I have replaced the dogs bedding in the dog house and have washed the dogs. I applied hydrogen poroxied in desperation to clean her irritated skin and it sudsed up like crazy, but it seemed to help as I havnt seen her itching, scratching and bitting all day today. Her skin is starting to scab over where she had been bitting it raw. I want to thank you all for your quick response and good advice. I will consider all of it and apply as necessary. Thanks
By Mr. Bill
RE: Dog Mange Remedies 07/08/2005
Tea Tree Oil will definitely help. Put somewhere dog is scratching and biting. It will not harm her. I have used this myself on my own dog. I got this advice from our local Natural Nutrition Center because they have used this on their own pets. Good Luck!
By mcrr
RE: Dog Mange Remedies 06/22/2006
I have a dog that my vet said had the hereditary type mange. She said there was nothing that could be done for it. So after several months the poor dog was completely bald on it's back and the skin was toughening up. A person came out to work on our horses and saw this dog. He said I needed to get that dog some help. I told him what the other vet said and he said nonsense. He recommended "Taktic". It is for cattle and pigs and can be found at livestock supply companies.

This was his recommendation: Mix 1/2 Tablespoon to a gallon of water. Bathe the dog first. Put ointment in his eyes to protect them. Dip completely! Repeat every 9 days for 6 times. I did this with my poor dog and most of his hair has come back. I think his skin had hardened too much for a complete recovery, but the area is 90% regrown with hair. Just so you know, before the guy told me this, I did buy a recipe off the internet that claimed it was a cure, but it didn't work. Maybe for the spreadable type mange, but not this kind. I couldn't accept what the vet told me and let my dog suffer and look that bad.

By woodyhyde

Archive: Dog Mange Remedies

Could any one please give me a home remedy for the mange?

Tina from Georgia

RE: Dog Mange Remedies

I adopted a dog that someone threw out that had mange. I bought liquid castille soap and added some tea tree oil to it. It didn't cost too much, soothed the dog's skin, and got rid of the mange. You have to be extra careful not to get it the dog's eyes. I also used this on another dog that had hot spots and a third that had allergies. I was always surprised at how the animals would stand still for me to rub it in when I was shampooing them. They seemed to hate other treatments that I tried. Anyway, my point is that it works for a multitude of things, is cheap, and can be kept forever until it's used up.

PS: This works great for people with dandruff too. (07/06/2006)

By susanmajp

Warning About Petroleum Based Products

Just a quick heads up about using petroleum-based products (like the motor oil suggestion and also things like dish soap) can cause liver failure in domestic animals - so if your dog is a "licker" - might want to bypass that one. (07/20/2006)

By Raini

RE: Dog Mange Remedies

Take the dog to the vet. Mange is from dirty conditions and gets really bad. Can get in the eyes and all. Needs ivermection from the vet. If not taken care of will need IV treatment. VET (10/16/2006)

By valery