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Tree Damaged by a Weed Eater

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The bark of my two dogwoods was accidentally cut with a weed-whacker. Because these trees seem stressed already (small, stunted black-tipped leaves), I am concerned about their survival. Is there anything I can do to maximize their chances? Or do I have to cross my fingers and wait?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

Aline from Harpers Ferry, WV



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By Bronna (Guest Post)06/21/2007

I skinned a tree last summer and this is what I put on it. 1/2 cup of interior latex paint, 1/2 cup of antiseptic mouthwash, and 1 teaspoon of any pest killer like you spray your home with. I mixed this together and painted the wound. Everyone said my tree was going to die. This spring it leafed out and looks very healthy. This worked for me. Hope it helps.

By Lynda (Guest Post)06/15/2007

If cut all the way around, it's urgent to get professional advice. There should be some liquid patching compound that could help if the bark is not badly mutalated? It's possible, if still fresh, and not too badly damaged that you could also get "tree wrap" and wrap it very well, after following professional advice, and see it heal
with that protection. I certainly wouldn't cut it down
until you've given it a year to recouperate, even if it LOOKS dead as a results. I'd reduce the water and fertilizer for a time, to not stress it more, until you get your professional advice, asking when to restart
watering and if you should fertilize and with what kind,and amounts. Arborists are VERY expensive, but if the trees are valuable to you, and you have the money and desire to save them, you might find
one who can indeed save it. Look on the Internet for
"emergency tree bark patching"first, and use good judgment, considering the source. Good luck and God bless and help you. : )

By Darlene (Guest Post)06/15/2007

If your county has one, call the County Extension Office. Here, in Michigan, they offer help of most kinds! I hope they have one for you. If not, give the one in Michigan a call. Perhaps they could help you.
Good luck.

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