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Dachshund with Skin Problems

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I have two mini dachshunds, short-hair. One has had the usual problem, short term, with summer grass, but the other has a far more significant problem that is ongoing. He scratches constantly and has raised lumps, especially on his underside.

Unlike virtually every other short-haired dachshund I've ever known, this one has smelly fur, which is very oily. His ears, too, get dirty quickly on the inside. His smell has decreased dramatically since I've changed him over to De Baircli Levy's Natural Rearing Diet, but I am still at a loss as to what to do. I cannot afford to put him on the vet's ongoing anti-histamine treatment, which is, I presume, what would be recommended.

His health otherwise is magnificent. He's around seven years old. If you have something to recommend, please don't give me brand names, as I can't always get the stuff available in other countries. Thank you for helping, in advance.

Leonie from Warrnambool, Australia



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By Leonie [4]01/30/2009

Thankyou so very much for your posts. His ears are not sore or red. Just dirtier than I'd expect, and, because of that, smelly.

He's mostly an outdoors dog at the moment, so it's not the fabric, more's the pity, at least I'd have an option then that was fairly quick.

I'll try the apple cider vinegar, as we have plenty of that, and will keep all posted.

Really appreciate the time you've taken to reply, thankyou so very much.

By KJ (Guest Post)01/24/2009

I have a Dachshund who also had this problem. Our "Lucy's" tummy was all red, bumpy and she scratched at it, until some spots were raw. Poor Lucy - she was miserable. It wasn't diet, lawn allergies, or dog shampoo - it was actually an allergy to the fabric on our love seat.

My vet gave our her predisone pills to stop the itching. And, at the same time, we used 2% hydrocortisone cream and rubbed it on her tummy sore spots. I made sure I rubbed it in thoroughly, or it would rub off on other furniture and fabric.

It took a while, but it did calm down. However, it never did go away completely. When we replaced our love seat, and got leather instead, it totally went away. Hope this helps.

By Louise [3]01/24/2009

*For skin infections
Bath your dog and then rinse him with a solution of 1 part cider vinegar to 3 parts water.

*Removing and preventing fleas
Adding cider vinegar to drinking water discourages fleas from setting up home on dogs (and cats). Start with a few drops so that he gets used to the taste, then build up a little, to a teaspoon per bowl for a small animal, to a tablespoon for a larger one.

Or, dip your pet in a bath of cider vinegar and water. This is, apparently, suitable treatment for puppies that are too young for commercial chemical treatments. Avoid getting vinegar into its eyes.

For cleaning pets ears the advice is much the same as the vinegar instructions from wacky camper, but to add to that, if you apply it daily for 3 days, and he's still scratching or rubbing his ears, see a vet because he may have mites or a bacterial infection.

Vinegar, and especially cider vinegar, has very wide ranging uses and properties. It's worth getting a book on it if you can. You'd be amazed at what it can do, not to mention the money it can save you.


For the ears you can buy a Women's vinegar/water douche. Put on a cotton ball and rub around ear. Also, have a little flow down in the ear and message, then let pet shake head to get out. Any other hots spots dab some on. I also used Cortizone 10 on his ears. They were really bad. It has been 4 days and he is finally happy and his ears are no longer red and irritated. They are nice and pick. I also give him acapadapholis (Sp) waffer's I got from CVS. They are strawberry flavored and he loves them. Also, buy fish oil and puncture and put on dog food. After bathing rinse the dog also with the vinegar douche and then towel try. Hope this helps.

By Denise (Guest Post)01/24/2009

I also have two mini dachshunds. My older dog also has the same problems and i got sick and tired of taking him to the vet because they were just guessing and nothing was working. I happened to do an internet search on dachshunds with skin problems and came across this site They have pictures you can look at to see if this is what your dog suffers from. I ordered it and it seems to be working with mine. His bumps are not as swollen and they don't stink as bad and he has only been on the nzymes for a couple of days.
Hope this helps.

By Grandma J [46]01/23/2009

Allergy? Yeast/other fungus? Wash the ears with a plain white vinegar. How often do you bathe the dog. I have used for the last 7 years of our German Shorthair AMWAY LOC. Can be bought world wide. No smell, no allergic reaction. SHE loves to be showered AND Vacuumed.
Our ears issue has not been a bother for about a year after using the vinegar to GET OVER IT finally. All the meds, etc and the vinegar finally did it.

By (Guest Post)01/22/2009

Here is a site that is helpful:

Hope this helps...Robyn

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