Removing Nicotine From Mustache


I wonder if someone has an idea of how to remove nicotine out of a moustache other than shaving it off or quitting smoking.

Guss from Amsterdam


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By ginger ann 1 8 11/30/2004

Try proxide/baking soda paste???

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By Mara 1 16 11/30/2004

Try using shaving cream just to wash it. Also, mix mouthwash with soap and try washing with it.

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By Jo Bodey 1 234 11/30/2004

Bleach - start off with a very dilute solution so you don't burn your skin and increase the strength until you get the desired effect. Peroxide and bleach may also remove the colour from your mustache - OK if it's white I suppose! And take the cigarette/pipe/whatever out of your mouth between puffs! LOL!



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By Bonnie Bartlein (Guest Post) 12/01/2004

I would suggest stopping smoking. I did it two and a half years ago because I wound up in the hospital for four days after a heart attack. I had smoked for 63 years. If you have a heart attack believe me it's easier to give up a bad habit than go through all that pain again.

Good luck!!

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By David Ehrmantraut 3 12/07/2007

Nicotine on the mustache is caused by heavy smoking and exhalation through the nose.

Permanent removal will require learning new smoking techniques. You could buy some ear plugs and use them in your nose when smoking. This will make your body get used to exhalation throught the mouth only. Once you accomplish this you should have minimal nicotine and tar on your moustache.

You could also consider chewing tobbacco. The use of this substance will greatly decrease moustache exposure to nicotine, even more than the exhalation through the mouth technique.

If all else fails you can remove the nicotine by removing the moustache. Make sure you have a very sharp razor or better yet trim with scissors first, as the nicotine will make your moustache thick with gunk and harder to cut.

Good luck.

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By ray (Guest Post) 04/11/2008

I have tried soaking/washing; soaking/soaking/washing; washing; washing/soaking/washing and everything in between using everything from soap, shaving cream, various shampoos heavy duty hand cleaner, soft soap , baking powder etc. and all were ineffective. Get this : I called the Macdonalds Tobacco Co. in Montreal who incidentally are celebrating their 150 year anniversary, however even after all those years of experience they had absolutely nothing to offer.

Actually she did tell me to shave my moustashe off and that would get rid of the stain- DUH . They hadn't heard of the problem and said mine was their first inquiry about this matter . Gee, am I an idiot or what . I may try Martha Stewart next, but in the meantime to save a long distance call and any possible embarrasment, I think I'll go ahead and try BRAKE CLEANER or maybe a SAND BLASTER. Keep you all posted.

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By fred dobbs (Guest Post) 09/12/2008

I have tried, WITH GREAT SUCCESS, using tooth paste with baking soda, takes a few applications but it does work, within 3 days you will have gray mustache back again.

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By dukesmyboy 1 04/09/2010

Get a bar of Lava hand soap. While you're shaving and your face is wet rub the end of the bar on your mustache. Let it stay for a few minutes then use your fingers to work the foam in. It might take a couple of times to get the stains out but it works.

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