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VHS Stuck in TV/VCR Combo

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A VHS tape is stuck in our small Magnovox TV/VCR combo. I've tried nudging it without any result. What else can I try? Thank you.

By AldiShopper from New Haven, NY


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By Julie [2]04/28/2009

I had a machine that this would happen to also. Sometimes if you unplug the unit and then plug it back in it will eject the tape by itself.

By KL [3]04/21/2009

I used to have to take off the top of our vcr all the time to remove stuck tapes. Usually the tape is wrapped around the heads or loose inside. But you cant remove the top on a combo unit. We used to have one of those but it was so problematic we ended up giving it away for just the tv.

This one sounds a little too easy to be true but it is worth a try:

I can't really say I understand this fix (by Sharon ...near the bottom) but several people responded that it worked for them. Please be very careful if you try this.

You could call a repair place and get an price estimate but I would think it would be at least 30 dollars. Never hurts to ask. And of course if you get the tape out I wouldn't try to wide it back up. I would toss it and clean the vcr heads. Good luck to you.

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