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Displaying Baseball Caps

I have lots of ball caps and wonder if anyone out there has any clever ideas how to display them. I've seen ball cap organizers in magazines but I wonder if anyone has made some kind of device to display/store them? Thanks!

Rhonda from Palmer, AK


Recent Answers

By Donna from San Diego (Guest Post)07/26/2007

My son has a ton of ball caps, and since he was a little boy I have kept them somewhat organized and off the floor by hanging them from one of those chains used to display stuffed animals. They can ususally be found in the toy department of most discount stores such as Target or Walmart. It attaches to the ceiling with a simple screw-in hook, and has quite a few clothespin type clips attached throughout the length of it that hold the hats nicely. You can see each hat easily, and put it off and replace it without any effort at all.

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