Installing Bobbin on Brother Sewing Machine


I have acquired a very nice Brother sewing machine. I've always used a Singer, and I can't even figure out how to install the bobbin. I've gone on line to find a manual but I can't find the model number anywhere on the machine! What am I overlooking? Thank you so much.




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By Julie 49 565 08/21/2008

I had a brother embroidery and sewing machine in one and returned it after just 1 week. I sew & sell on ebay so I needed a good one that would last. The brother I had was the one with the disney designs. I found that the bobbin cartridge that is suppose to be so easy was not at all. It seldom threaded its self and it jammed threads while sewing continously. I went back and bought a singer futura 250 sewing and embrodery machine and I love it, and have put alot of miles on it already. Not sure what model brother machine you have but I added 2 links that may be able to help you. Try looking up your model number to see if it tells you further on how to fix your troble your having. Also I searched quite a bit and jioned a futura talking group forum where you can post questions and get very helpful answers to any type problems that arize. Here is one brother group I'm sure there are many more that could be helpful to you as well. Goood Luck. I love sewing but those little things that stand it your way of it can be so frustrating.
http://welcome.solutions.brother.co ... p;c=us_ot&lang=en&titleid=36


and try finding them in yahoo groups to i'm sure you'll find one there as well.
On Brother .com you may be able to see a vedio of the bobbin being placed in your machine if you can find the model of your machine on there site.

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By Cindy (Guest Post) 08/22/2008

Hi! Try this: www.safemanuals.com HTH, Cindy

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By jeannette 08/27/2008

Rose, Why don't you check out the BROTHERS SEWING MACHINE SITE ON LINE. They do picture a lot of their machines, perhaps this will help you identify your machine. Then you can email them will the proper model number and request a new handbook. No harm in trying, bit of work but it could solve your problem. jjs

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By Marty Dick 163 955 10/31/2012

They have a help line... 1-877-BROTHER in the US. There you will find the nicest most helpful people. I can guarantee help on any problem.

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