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Uses for Old Shampoo and Conditioner

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Does anyone have any ideas of what to do with old shampoo and conditioner? I hate to just throw it out.

By Des from Canaan, ME


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By ML [1]01/31/2010

Wool and cashmere sweater will be really soft and fluffy if you use the shampoo to wash and the conditioner in the 1st rinse.

By Julie01/28/2010

I've heard shampoo can be used for getting out ring around the collar in laundry, and maybe other oil-based stains stains.

By Sherry [1]01/28/2010

Use them to wash and condition your makeup brushes.

By Mary [2]01/28/2010

I use conditioner as a leave in spray type conditioner. I didn't like the way it left my hair using it in the shower so I put a 1/4 of it in a spray bottle and filled it with water. Just shake before using and spray hair. I was paying 4$ for spray conditioner,now it's just pennies.

By Erin813 [25]01/27/2010

I've used shampoo for scrubbing my tub with (a a scrub brush, I mean), as a body wash, and as bubble bath. Also, I've heard it kills 99% of bacteria.

Conditioner works great as an alternative to shaving cream for legs. It goes on smooth, you can see more where the hair is still left during shaving (better than through thick shaving cream foam), and your legs are ultra soft and moisturized from the conditioner.

By Des [3]01/26/2010

Wow I just tried the toilet bowl trick. It works great, thanks so much :)

By KL [3]01/25/2010

Ditto on the shampoo suggestions below. If you have a pump from a store bought hand soap that is a foaming hand soap and then fill it with only an inch or so of shampoo and then add water it works great and last forever.

I have also used older shampoo with a bath poof as a body shower gel type soap. I used up a shampoo that was too stinky for me as a toilet bowl cleaner.

By Pamela 01/25/2010

I dilute cheap and/or old shampoo and put some in my toilet brush holder. Then when I clean my toilet, I tap the brush on the side of the holder and swish my toilet bowl. Clean in a second and smells great!

By OliveOyl01/25/2010

Water down the shampoo and use it as liquid hand soap. Use an empty bottle you already have. Old shampoo is good for doing hand laundry like lingerie.

By Marie [3]01/25/2010

Use the conditioner for shaving! Works great!

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