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Using Cast Iron on a Ceramic Cooktop

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Can I use cast iron skillets on a glass top stove?

By Grace from Danville, WV


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By Dean01/10/2011

My local appliance dealer says that the new appliances are designed to last for 10 years. That being said, I've used cast iron on my glass cooktop for at least 9 years almost every day. No problems and I have a variety of pans including a 16 inch cast iron pan and a griddle that uses two burners and the bridge burner. I am moving and have a new GE glass top. I intend to continue using cast iron. Just be careful and don't slide or twist your pans and in my honest opinion you'll be okay.

By Ethel Martinez [7]08/02/2010

Yes, I have a ceramic smooth top stove with Halegen burners ,for over ten years and the cast iron holds the heat once it is hot so you can turn your heat down I use med (5) for most of my cooking , if I need to boil water for potatoes I use 9 until I see it bubbling & then reduce heat to 5(med) I have 3 cast iron skillets I use, & also visions sauce pans
they all work great and cleaning just use soft scrub & if something spills use a utility scraper to scratch off the residue & clean with soft scrub & rinse .

By Amber07/29/2010

My mother used her cast iron on a glass range for years with only slight traces of any sort of damage. Making sure that the cast iron is seasoned and cared for properly helps as well.

By Helmut [8]07/28/2010

Some manufacturers forbid anything, that they can find in the dictionary, to slither out of the warranty. However, the glass used for stove tops is harder than cast iron, and won't be scratched by cast iron.

The same goes for the weight. If you can put a 10 gallon aluminum canner on it, then you most definitely can put a cast iron frying pan on it. Just don't toss or clunk anything onto it.

For cleaning burned on spills I use a sharp putty knife, to get down to the glass first. After that any decent household cleaner and the two-color sponge pads work just as well as they do on the outside of a frying pan. Use the pads that have uneven holes like a natural sponge, not the ones with uniform holes like foam. The abrasive on one side of the pads is quite safe for glass tops, but not for aluminum or fine silver.

If you have to use coarse stainless steel wool for extreme cases, don't worry. It is much softer than the glass. I have used my glass top for almost 10 years now and won't voluntarily go back to enameled metal tops.

Have FUN!

By Deanj07/28/2010

We do with no problems. We stay away from pots with a rounded bottom as they move on the hot stove.

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