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I need a catchy phrase. I am a substitute teacher and have business cards to leave with teachers. I need some word or short phrase, space is limited and the format of the card is weird. The last phrase I used was "Ready to Be Here For You" and I am sick of it. Any suggestions?

By Mindy


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By Cassy Roberts 2 10 09/25/2009

As a teacher, I can honestly tell you that I lose those cards and even forget the names of substitutes (even the ones I like!) Until.....one sub made sub folders for any teacher to pick up that wanted one. In it was a yearly schedule for our school, a bell schedule, etc. several easy worksheets where we could write down our class rules or specific instructions, and even a page for a "sub" phonebook that we could create with all our favorite subs on there. There are several of these type forms on the internet for free. I picked up a folder because I loved the organization and ease of using it for my future subs. Then, I discovered that she had put her name, phone numbers, and picture on the inside cover. I think that woman was subbing for someone in our system every day that year.

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By Rose 07/30/2009

"Learn To Depend On Me"?

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By Lee Werner 2 10 07/30/2009

Maybe. There's no 'substitute' for you, but I will surely try!

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By Lynn Jorud 07/31/2009

Mindy, most teachers and school personnel want reassurance that the substitue teacher is there for the student and that, indeed, needs to be the foremost motivation of any substitute teacher. Let your creativity soar on behalf of the students! They need dedicated instructors. How about "Available. B-. Caring. For you. For your students."

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By mindy 109 38 07/31/2009

Thanks for the suggestions. I've been doing this for about 8 years and sometimes get brain drain:)

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By Linda L. 83 322 08/02/2009

I love all of these. I taught for 30+ years. How about "I'm here when you're not" Are you aware of VistaPrint for free business cards (pay only postage)?

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By lynda 44 258 08/03/2009

"Yes I can." A good image with it would be a watering can full of flowers!

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