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Uses for Golf Balls

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I live on a golf course and end up with a bunch of balls. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do with them?

By Dawn


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By hollyberry04/09/2010

Paint them bright colors and store them in a glass container. They'll look beautiful on any tabletop.

By Lee Taylor [10]01/30/2010

Clean them and package them in attractive bundles and give them as gifts to any golfers you know! Golf balls are expensive and any golfer will appreciate them.

By Sherry [1]01/28/2010

Clean them in the sink with bleach and put in egg carton till you have enough and sell back to the golfers. If you have small kids they would love doing that for pocket change.

By Marg [16]01/28/2010

Sell them back to the golfers in aid of a charity?
Marg from England.

By kathleen williams [23]01/26/2010

Here is a helpful way to use your leftover golf balls after you put away the clubs. If you enjoy gardening, then take your golf balls from the green to your garden. No, you aren't going to grow little golf ball trees, but your golf balls will help your garden grow.

Place golf balls in the bottom of your planters or flower boxes. Use enough golf balls to cover the entire bottom of the container. Of course, there will be some gaps, but that will be just right for the purpose.

After placing the golf balls in the flower pot or window box, it is time to add the potting soil or dirt. Plant the flowers, herbs, or shrub as usual. Using the golf balls inside of the flower containers will help the water to drain properly. Proper drainage is essential to a healthy and flourishing garden.

Water Hazard
On the golf course, you would do about anything to avoid a water hazard. Well, now is the time to reconsider.

Maybe it is time to let your golf ball get a bit wet. If you have lost or misplaced the drain to your bathtub, sacrifice one lone golf ball to the cause. A golf ball will easily slip right into place when you want to fill the tub. You will not need to stuff a washcloth in the drain anymore. Plus, if you should bump it out of place during your bath, it will simply roll right back where it belongs.

This little tip also works very well for your bathroom sink, too. If you decorate your bathroom with a golf motif, your recycled golf balls will not only be practical, but decorative, as well. Good luck.

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