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When Should You Weed And Feed The Lawn?

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When is the best time to weed and feed a yard with powdered products? Should you water it afterward? How long should I keep my pets off of the lawn after spreading the weed and feed?

Hardiness Zone: 6a

Linda from Arvada, CO



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By Marg [3]04/09/2011

You definitely want to put a pre-emergent crabgrass control on your lawn now. a week from now will be too late. Don't put it on wet grass and let it sit because it will burn the lawn. After you put it done make sure you water well. Or put it down right before it rains. That's the ideal time.

By Louise B. [5]09/30/2008

The directions for Weed and Feed are on the bag of fertilizer. I personally don't use the weed and feed products anymore. I find that just the fertilizer is sufficient to control the weeds. I do have few dandelions, but I just dig them out when I feel like it. I don't think that weed and feed is necessary in the fall, but a good fall fertilizer is. Look at your local garden market for a special fall product, because you don't want the same sort of mix as you use in the spring. It depends on your brand of fertizer whether you need to water it in or not. I use the kind that doesn't require it.

If you have pets, I wouldn't use the weed killer kind any more, but if you must, it will say on the bag how long to keep pets off the lawn.

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