Hanging Curtains Without a Rod


Curved rods are very expensive, I need something else to hang curtains, from the ceiling, like the ones used in the hospitals.

By Fairy from FL


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By Helmut 8 120 01/27/2011

If the curtain has to curve around a bed or desk, it is going to be either expensive, or time consuming. The rail is easy, but the curtain needs open hooks, like a clothes hanger.

For the rail get 1" black flexible plastic pipe and enough 2" open screw-hooks, that look like a ?, to put one every three feet along the planned track. Put the hooks into the ceiling so that the open end of the upside down question mark faces out from the sheltered area. Lay the pipe into the hooks and then starting at one end, melt a hole into the bottom of the pipe big enough to slip over the hook end.

A cheap $1.98 pencil type soldering iron works fine for that.

As soon as you melt through and the plastic around the hole is still soft, force it onto the hook. Then do the next, all the way around.

After you are done with that, you can paint the pipe the same color as the ceiling.

For the curtain you have to either buy or make open curtain hooks. They are easily enough to make from coat hanger wire, preferably plastic coated ones. If your curtain has hook pockets in the pleats, you can bend the coat hanger wire so that the straight pin end just about touches the ceiling, when the round end is over the rail.
That way, the curtain will almost touch the ceiling and hide the rail.

Have FUN!

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By Maile 49 114 01/29/2011

Go to the hardware store and check out the price of doweling, or if you need something that curves, check in the plumbing section for PVC pipes and their different joints. PVC can be painted, and drilled, is also very light weight.

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By Mary 5 51 01/29/2011

See if there is a freecycle group in your area, on yahoo groups. Someone may have extra curtains rod that they will give to you.

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Archive: Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

I am trying to do some decorating on a tight budget. Does anyone have some ideas for hanging curtains that does not involve buying curtain rods?


Archive: Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

How do I hang floor to ceiling drapery panels from the ceiling on either side of a shower/tub enclosure without using a shower curtain pole?

By Memory from Raleigh, NC

RE: Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

Assuming the drapes are lighter in weight (just guessing for a shower area) I would try hooks in the ceiling that could fit the adjustable cafe curtain type rods. (01/05/2010)

By caninecodependent

RE: Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

Double Velcro attached to the curtain and then mounted on a piece of wooden trim. Attach the Velcro with staples, tacks, or contact cement to the trim. Affix the trim to where you want it to be, using wall plugs and sturdy screws, then attach the curtain to the trim. No rod, no fuss, all done. (01/09/2010)

By hedera

RE: Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

I just did this recently, as our new apartment has a separate bath and shower. However, it is very white: walls, fixtures, etc. Since we can't paint, I wanted to add a bit of colour into the bathroom. There was no shower curtain rod installed, which allowed me to put up some floor-to-ceiling curtain panels (like sheers). I used a tension rod (spring-loaded, adjustable) for putting in a closet. They come in different lengths, colours, and finishes and are fairly affordable.

One other option you might consider is a wire system. I know they have these at Ikea, but are likely available elsewhere too. That might look better if you want to have the curtain open, since you mentioned wanting them on each side. I keep mine closed since they are kind of sheer and just use a hook to hold them back when I want to use the bathtub.

Tina in QC (01/09/2010)

By tchase65

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