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Can you make syrup with Splenda?

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Can simple syrup be made with Splenda?

Maryeileen from Brooklyn OH



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By Maryeileen [76]07/25/2007

I would only be making it for me and my husband, but thank you for the warning, Sheri. I didn't even know people could be allergic to Splenda.

By Sheri (Guest Post)07/25/2007

I would like to say to you to just be very carefull! Let people know that you have used Splenda because some people are allergic to it. I have terrible reactions to Splenda, and had the local pharmacist very concerned when I accidentally had a piece of my daughter's sugar-free gum sweetened with Splenda. We have used only sugar or honey since then.

By Maryeileen [76]07/24/2007're right, Splenda will dissolve better than sugar does so I wouldn't need to make a syrup. Thanks!

By Concetta [4]07/24/2007

Do you need syrup to make lemonade?

I make mine with splenda all the time and don't make syrup to do so. I just use it like regular sugar - dump in and mix.

There is a recipe on the website for it -

By (Guest Post)07/23/2007

I would be using the simple syrup for making lemonade.

By Mary Lou [14]07/23/2007

I wouldn't think so, as simple syrup is just sugar and water cooked until it becomes a syrup and Splenda does not thicken with heating as sugar does. Depending on what you are making the simple syrup for, you could try making syrup with unsweetened apple or grape juice, cooking until thickened then cooling and adding Splenda if necessary. White grape would be best for this as it has the least flavour that would affect what you used the syrup in

RE: Can you make syrup with Splenda?

By Michawn [16]07/22/2007

Don't know, check out this link for recipes.

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