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Favor Ideas For Adult Luncheon

I am giving an adult recognition luncheon for some adult volunteers. The theme is "you brighten girls lives". I am looking for a very inexpensive favor to give to guests attending.



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By Sandy (Guest Post)01/20/2005

How about making stickers for candles that say, "You brighten girls lives!"? Maybe include the date. They will be a special memory for years to come.

By Linda (Guest Post)01/20/2005

How about a flashlight? Print labels with the theme on them, get the lights at a dollar store. I like flaslights with a hanging cord on the back, and have them on the doorknobs in a few places of my home. Everyone can use another flashlight!

By hwalz. (Guest Post)01/19/2005

You might get a supply of small lights; some could fit on keyrings to have lights when opening doors late at night. Or to keep by the bed in case of a power outage. Of course, the lights entertain kittens and dogs on the walls too.

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