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I am interested in seeing tips on how to decorate a large iron bird cage. The cage was made in Italy and my husband doesn't want to use it because the prior bird died in it. He has repainted it but it is just sittling collecting dust. I would like to add silk plants and lights but I have no imagination for these kinds of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Lynda from South Carolina


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By smartgirl 3 06/09/2004

Hi Lynda - I bought a beautiful bamboo birdcage & didn't know what to do either - fortunately, a neighbor had a tree cut down & I took a lot of the longer twigs - I had some very long sturdy dogwood silk stems, so I took the real tree twigs & the dogwood & wired them - I then used some Easter stems I had bought, actually little chicks in nests & eggs, and wired it all together & then put the whole piece into the cage - now, to change the look, I went to a craft store & bought a few fake sea green birds & 2 mauve/burgundy hummingbirds & some small nests - I am going to take out the existing piece, & re-use the tree twigs & dogwood & replace the new birds - I also filled in the empty spaces with silk greens & then put a bow with long streamers on the top - I must say it came together nicely, & I was pleased, especially since it was part of the Easter decorations in my church - my suggestion is to create the entire piece outside of the cage & then insert into it - then fill in with greens - hope this was helpful!
lovelylady from the Big Apple!!!

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By Tawnda (Guest Post) 06/10/2004

You could use silk or real plants inside of it. An ivy would look beautiful in there and could grow up the sides! You can find some fake birds and screw those tiny eye hooks into them and using thread or fishing line, you can hang them from the roof of the cage to look as though they are flying (that is if they have open wings ha ha) or you could use floral wire to wire one to a tree branch and insert inside.

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By Rhonda 4 06/10/2004

Get a swag that goes with your decor and tack it up the side of the birdcage. You can put similar flowers inside. Maybe arrange those flowers in a small basket, and place inside the cage. Play around with it, it will come together for you. You can change the flowers with the seasons or holidays. Good luck!

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By Ramona (Guest Post) 09/27/2004

I have a beautiful wrought iron one that is quite large. I have it hung near a corner, just high enough to reach it, and it is filled with all different size of pillar candles. Just make sure that you have a liner of foil to catch any wax that may melt. The look is truly eye catching.

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By A. Valdez (Guest Post) 05/30/2007

I myself am looking for some decorating tips. I was designated to take care of a cardholder decoration for a banquet that is coming up next month! And I have not a clue! The theme is masculine <the party is for a man> , the colors are, royal blue and silver. the birdcage is made of iron and is white, it hangs from a stand that measures 5' 10" high and is 4" wide, the actual cage measures, 2'x2' and is round. Does anyone have any suggestions? May I remind you also, that this is a black tie event. Pleaseeee someone help!

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By Crystal eberhart (Guest Post) 07/11/2007

Hello. I was looking at doing the same thing. One thing that would be pretty would be to put fake ivy inside and wrap it around some of the outside and then put some lights inside to create a warm and cozy feeling. Another thing that would be pretty would to put some battery operated candles in different sizes and have the ivy still in there if desired to make it look elegant and beautiful without having to worry about the fact that you have a real flame... worry free! Plus its beautiful and the batteries in those candles last forever so if you forget to shut them off , who cares !!!!!!

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By courtney (Guest Post) 03/20/2008

Hi I wanted to make a better nice looking home for my birds. Can anyone give me ideas on how to do that. I wanted to decorate and put things inside but will they eat the stuff that i put in their? CAN ANYONE HELP ME? I WOULD APPRECIATE IT:) Thank you

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By Brenda (Guest Post) 03/23/2008

I've seen them in Dining Rooms filled with fake fruit.
Very colorful!

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