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Oven Penny Reminder

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oven penny

I have a small kitchen. Like some of us, I have to store pans and pots in the oven. Too many times I started the oven and forgot them inside.

One of my pots has a copper bottom, so I thought of this. I hot glued a penny to the oven knob and now I remember before I turn it on, that I have to take them out. Simple solutions to a "heated problem".

By Sandra from Salem OR



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By Annette [16]10/27/2008

Have turned oven before remembering dishes inside. I put glass dishes in oven as the metal ones give a metalic odor. Will leave a penny or two on top of stove . Thanks for the tip

By cindy [9]10/24/2008

Good one! Penny

By dru [1]10/22/2008

BRILLIANT! thank u

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