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Alcohol For DVD Skip Remover and Eyeglass Cleanser

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I have a two fold tip here. The first is that you can almost always get rid of those annoying skips on your DVDs by gently using eyeglass cleanser and a 100% cotton cleansing cloth. The second is a homemade eyeglass cleanser recipe that will save you oodles of money, since you won't have to pay extra for store bought cleanser again.

You can use any small spray bottle or bottle that you can dispense drops from but make sure it's clean and dry first! All you have to do is mix 3 parts isopropyl alcohol with 1 part water and, voila!, there is your safe and inexpensive DVD scratch remover and eyeglass cleanser in one.

By Deeli from Richland, WA


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By Anonymous [848]08/30/2010

Thanks for the posts everyone. I am actually quite surprised that anyone has had problems using an alcohol and water based solution on their prescription eyeglasses because those are the main ingredients in eyeglass cleansers! The pair I love the most and have worn for a decade are anti-scratch no line trifocals and they are still in as new condition using an alcohol and water solution! My backup glasses that have the clip on frame sunglass feature have the same lenses and have plastic frames and I've had no problems with them either so I am wondering if the one poster used straight 70% alcohol on the frames instead of a diluted mixture? What definitely will ruin all lenses quickly is using paper products to clean or dry because of the fibers they contain. At any rate, I guess you should check with your eye doctor for your personal prescription if you're worried there might be troubles afloat.

No one mentioned how great the solution works on DVD scratches so I am assuming no one pulled out a scratched DVD to test. ;-) LOL!

By Ginger Yazak [2]08/29/2010

My optometrist told me to never use any alcohol on prescription eyeglasses because it will remove the anti-scratch coating that protects your lenses from scratching. This includes the premoistened towelettes that say they are for cleaning glasses. Alcohol should only be used to clean non-prescription readers and sunglasses.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]08/28/2010

This is a great idea, I always knew that expensive eyeglass cleaner was alcohol-based.
By the way, I never, ever used the lens cleaner on the frames! I didn't exactly know it would ruin them, but didn't feel it was the place for it. The bottle does say "lens cleaner," not "frame cleaner..."

By its_me781108/27/2010

A word to the wise:
You may want to test this solution before getting it all over your glasses frames. I ruined plastic frames a few years ago by using alcohol on them!

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