Painting Walls to Coordinate with Brown Carpet


What color should I paint my walls when I have dark brown carpet?

By Meaganm03 from NC


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By Kim 2 31 06/03/2009

You will probably want to stick to a light color to avoid the room getting too dark.

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By cammie 06/03/2009

My entire house is brown and something, as I believe brown looks wonderful with just about any color. My house has brown mixed with teal, olive, blue, pink (daughter's room), cranberry and yellow. Of course not all of those colors are in one room. I don't know what room you are doing, but I would suggest finding an accent piece (maybe a pillow) that you love that has brown and another color in it. Then, use that pillow to pull the room color and accessorize from there! Good Luck!

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By Pam Griffis 10 102 06/04/2009

Since brown is a neutal color, you have a lagre range of colors you could use( though I would suggest a cream or blue shade or even a tan). If the room is small or not well lit, I would stay with a light shade of whatever color you choose. You could use darker color shades in your accents.

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By Loretta 18 125 06/04/2009

Depending on what the room is used for, you could use a soft cream, even with a soft yellow tint. or you could go with an off white on three walls, and give it some pop with a bright color, like a light yellow, or a red that is compatible with the brown. Use bits of the contrast color in other accessories, so as not to just have that one bold color screaming at you.

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By merlene smith 4 311 06/04/2009

A very pretty combination that is in stores now is a robin egg blue and brown. There are a lot of fabrics and accessories with this brown and almost an aqua blue color scheme.

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By Allison 460 06/04/2009

How about a rich tan to balance it out. Also try this paint program that lets you see colors together. Can just do walls and trim, but it will give you ideas.


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