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I shudder when I see bras for $30-40 or more. That's a lot of money to me! Luckily I have worn smaller bra sizes all my life. As a young woman, I wore AAA teenage bras and I discovered that I could get perfectly good ones from dollar stores!

As I got older, I continued to look for bras there. I have gotten Hanes unstructured bras from the 99 Cent Store here in Los Angeles, as well as other no-name versions here, at the Dollar Tree and other bargain outlets.

These no-frill bras are perfectly serviceable. But you have to remember that all sizes are not available at the same time, as they are received in lots. I try the bras on over my t-shirt to check the size, as bras always vary. So when you see a nice one in your size, buy several and stock up!

There are also very good bra deals on www.hanes.com and at Justmysize for larger sizes. Look for their sales! I confess, I have bought slightly used bras at thrift shops, but only go for those that look as if there is little or no wear. For $3-6 for a $30 bra, is a good deal.

By Pamphyila from LA, CA


By Ginger Yazak 3 75 03/17/2014

As long as you know your size - go to ebay. Search for your size and the word "lot".

I usually get a set of 6 bras for the cost of one retail - they are brand new, wide selection of sizes and styles, and they normally come with free shipping.

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By Sharon 03/17/2014

I also check in the clearance sections of department stores. Especially be on the lookout when they have an extra percentage off clearance. I found $34 VF bras marked $7.99. It was also buy one/get one 75% off so got 2 for less than $10!

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By Dolores Hayney 2 12 03/17/2014

I buy my bras at Walmart or KMart. They usually are around $4 each. They are not padded or wired and I am happy because I don't like padded or wired. They may be $5 now, but the same brand cost $3 when I found the first bras I bought.

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