Keeping Bees Away


I was reading some old "Country" magazines last month, and came across this tip. If bees are bugging your picnic, do this: Cut an upside down "V" in a gallon jug filled with juice, about 2/3 the way down from the top. Bees go in but they can't get out. Sounds like "BEE U TEE FULL" advice to me!

Source: "1,112 Down To Earth Garden Secrets" that was given credit in the magazine.

By poor but proud from Coos Bay, OR


By kim 2 24 08/18/2010

Yea, kind of like a bug zapper, lure them in to the slaughter! I don't like bees swarming around me when I'm trying to work or socialize any more than the next guy (or gal as in my case) either. However, why not try things that will "deter" instead of "lure"? Over the past several years we have had alarming declines in the bee population and luring them just to have them die doesn't seem to be the best way. Life couldn't exist without them. We need the bees! Sometimes I'll look to see if there's a nest somewhere nearby (and usually it is) then I'll get rid of it while the bees aren't in there (well, not me exactly, usually one of my son's).

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