Use an Old Freezer as a Pantry


Someone gave us a huge used upright freezer. It worked fine, but I didn't really need THAT much freezer space and it needed to be defrosted way too often for me. So I started using it as a 'pantry'. I have very little cabinet space so I keep all my canned goods, pasta, cereal, and even paper products in it. When I have company they get a kick out of when I go into the freezer for paper plates!

By KimMcG


By Barbara 1 05/10/2005

Actually I have a question: Do you leave the door on or take it off? Also if left on, do you close it? Thank you. I love the idea!

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By Michael Carter 2 91 05/11/2005

We actually have 2 refrigerators, one we use as a regular frig, the other we use for extra freezer space and storage space for bottled water, soda and juices as well as paper goods, plastic utensils, unopened condiments (stock up when on sale I say) and other picnic/party supplies. It has also been a handy and central place to store garbage bags and those ever handy grocery store plastic bags. There is even a shelf dedicated just to leftovers. We always know to check there before starting a new dish, and the leftovers never get lost with the others foods.

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By badwater 264 654 05/29/2005

great idea!!! Most people would have culled it, with it not in working order and would have missed out on the great, inexpensive "cabinet" or storage unit.

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By Kestral (Guest Post) 02/22/2006

This was a great suggestion, but what do you suggest for an old chest type freezer that does not cool any longer?
This is a 6 foot long behemoth, and I really hate to just throw it away.

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By Kim Churchman 3 1,277 07/25/2007

Important safety tip: be sure to use your drill to destroy the latch so kids don't climb in and get suffocated.
I do the same thing with my dishwasher, I never use it to do dishes, but it's pretty nice to stow paper towels and tissue boxes, as well as newspaper waiting for recycle.
A friend used a chest freezer as a rodent-proof grain bin in the barn. It held about ten sacks of grain. hope that helps, Kim

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By Shirley (Guest Post) 08/04/2007

Do you keep the freezer plugged in and if not, what keeps the musty smell out of it. Usually when not running a ref.or freezer will tend to get a smell in it.

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By Joyce 7 13 11/30/2009

Hallelujah! What a fantastic idea this is! My old upright huge freezer has just been sitting in the basement also, for years. Now I know where to store my old office small equipment, supplies and books, that have been sitting in boxes on the basement floor for about a year, that I took out of storage, because the monthly fee ($79 per month) was way too high for these economic times. Will sprinkle a little baking soda and olive leaf powder in the bottom to prevent any kind of moldy smell on the stored items, and will definitely pass this "wisdom" on to my many friends with empty freezers in their basements. Happy Holidays and God bless you!

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By Dee Terry 3 60 01/04/2011

This is another great idea! Here's another. I store my family pictures and important papers which won't fit in a small fire proof safe box. This will keep them safe from most things at least for a bit of time. Learned this from a firefighter friend of mine. Also, instead of putting baking soda or anything else in there to prevent musty smells, put fresh coffee grounds. Resource: one of my brothers was worker for a moving company and they suggested their clients do this in their appliances before moving to prevent any bad smells upon arrival at new place. Works for me.

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