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Painting With Acrylic Paint on Plastic

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acrylic paint

Some plastics may require special preparation prior to painting with acrylic paints. This is a guide about painting with acrylic paint on plastic.



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Question: Painting with Acrylic Paint on Plastic

I have a lot of old Melmac dinner plates. I would like to do decorative painting on using acrylic paint. How should I prep the surface? Thanks.

By Bunny from NJ


Most Recent Answer

By tim03/24/2011

I paint with acrylic paints all the time. I just finished making a bird house with my son out of abs I got from It worked great, but I have noticed that it doesn't work well on other things.

Question: Painting on Plastic Banner

I have a pre-used plain white banner about 4 meters by 1 meter and I want to paint details of a forth coming event. How do I do that?

By Ron M

Solutions: Painting With Acrylic Paint on Plastic

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