Toddler Backsliding on Potty Training

Why would my potty trained 2 year old start peeing in bed?

By Carol from Chicago

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When something like this happens, it is often due to some emotional stress or changes. Because of her age, they cannot process these emotions and therefore regress in a physical way. Don't over react as that will draw more attention to the less desirable act and make sure to use positive reinforcement when she uses the bathroom.

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A two year old is undergoing massive brain changes (for instance all memory is being processed into verbal memory) You can expect that there will be forward and back in development. This is true of all children at all stages of development. Just get the child some pullups and don't make a big deal about it.

There are many physical things that can cause it as well. Normally, when we sleep our system slows down the process of sending fluid to the bladder. In some people that does NOT happen so they have a full bladder at night and when they go into deeper sleep cycles it empties.

Check other people in your family. Often, bed wetting runs in families.

Remember, the child is not doing this on purpose or out of any naughtiness! Be gentle and understanding. A two year old is still basically a baby!

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I would go with the pull ups at night, as suggested, at two they are just not waking up when they need to go.

I raised a 60's baby in Germany and at this time there were only, wash and hang on a line to dry, cloth diapers available.

Needless to say babies were trained as early as possible to use the potty, especially for number two.

I had a double duty highchair with a potty in the seat (turned into a seat with a play-table. Soon after she could sit, I would feed her in her highchair, change the hight chair into a low table with the potty chair attached, pulled her pants down and let her sit and play like this for a while.

Most of the time she would go number one and two shortly after eating. I would then take her off the potty show her, her "creation"... after we both had admired it I, diapered her.

On other times, I observed her and when she started pushing and grunting

I quickly sat her on the potty.

From small on, she was used to the potty and knew what goes in there. I never pressured her, it was just a routine. I did show a little bit of disappointment when she used the diaper. At night I always put a diaper on her until the diaper stayed dry.

I am not saying this is a good approach I just thought it might be interesting to know how Germans of that time potty trained their kids :-)

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My dh and I have let our dd start wearing panties to bed at nite since she went one week without an accident in her pullup at nite. Now she has been about a week without accidents at nite, but is having at least one every morning after she goes to the bathroom first thing.

Can anyone give me some advice as to how to stop this? I really don't want to put her back in the pullups unless I have to. We are so close to no more diapers since we will soon be potty training our ds as well.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By Jessica

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Accidents are common, sometimes for up to a year or more after they are trained. It just happens....

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Sorry about the cost of diapers and pull ups but...parents are often too anal about potty training. They'll be fine when they're ready!

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Since she's doing fine at night and until after her first poddy of the morning why don't you just change her panties after the first oopsie and not make a big deal about it? That way she'll learn it's okay to have a boo boo and that all she has to do is change into fresh undies. Making a big deal out of it or putting the pullups back on might confuse/embarrass her and take that much longer to finish training. I am sure you wet your panties once in awhile in one way or another and simply change them. Treat this situation just the same.

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Both my daughters went through a phase of wetting themselves during the day after they had been potty trained. I am not sure if it was a control issue, ie., something THEY controlled or not. It lasted about 2 weeks until they stopped doing it purposely.

Good luck!

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My daughter is 3 and a half. She is usually usually fab with toilet, but for the past 2 weeks, she's constant weeing herself. I have been to the doctor and there is no infection. With her, it's not normal that she can't hold her wee in. She's weeing herself few times a day. For some reason, this has been since we had been on a plane.

By Danielle

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I would get another doctor's opinion, and fast. Either there's a psychological problem that needs to be addressed, or if, as you mention, she's actually unable to control her urination, both could be signs of a larger problem.

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Could there be something that she is eating that is causing this? My son had problems one time when he was a little guy from eating a lot of watermelon. However, this only happened a couple of times. I think perhaps you should have her checked out by a doctor again, or look to see what other changes have been going on her life that might cause her to regress. Three is pretty little; she might be upset over some changes in the family or something that is going on at daycare or?

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Toilets on planes are much different than toilets at home. It seems like you could be sucked down a plane toilet when it flushes. Did she go to the toilet on the plane? Are you sure she knows she can't possibly be flushed down the toilet? It sounds strange, but she wouldn't be the first kid to get this idea.

This may not be the problem, but it's probably worth checking out.

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My daughter is now over 3 years old. When I first started to potty train her she would rather poop then pee on the potty. Then the past couple of months have been stressful because I can't seem to get her on the potty to poop. She makes a huge fuss and screams and cries because she doesn't want to go on the potty. I need help! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her on the potty to poop?

By Kelly R.

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Stop forcing her. Forget about it and put her back in diapers. Soon she will tell you she wants to use the potty. It has become an issue so you need to let time pass and wait it out. Years ago we tried to get the kids trained by two. I have noticed that these days children are taking longer. Either way, your child will get trained so stop worrying.

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Is she using the "big potty"? May be too big/scary! If she's using a training potty, try using it as a reading opportunity. She sits on the pot and you read to her, distraction! Another thought, take her to Walmart/Target and let her pick out her own Big Girl pants and impress on her that she cannot mess these pants, that they are her very own, special, picked by her, panties. Just some thoughts.

I had boys and had always heard that girls were easier than boys - shows what "they" knew, huh? Good luck, relax, and remember - one of these days you get to teach her to drive - it'll make potty training a breeze! :)

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There has to be something great that happens every time you put her on the potty, like a special song, or a small treat (my sister used an MandM for her son). Then there has to be a special reward when "results" are produced in the potty, like a sticker. My daughter had a special sticker book for this.

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My two year old daughter was going potty in the toilet really well. But recently she refuses to use the potty and poops and pees on the floor. What do I do? I praise her when she goes potty on the toilet, but it is not working. Help!

By Amanda from Montrose, CO


Toddler Backsliding on Potty Training

Actually this is very normal. If she is a young 2, she may be too young. Some children don't have control of their sphincter muscles until they are 3 or sometimes even closer to 4. A growth spurt that isn't even throughout their body can cause them to temporarily lose control. Other factors, such as being around a newborn or a new puppy who gets attention when they have an accident or diaper change can also cause this. Just put her back into diapers for awhile and then start it again in a few months. (01/20/2011)

By mom-from-missouri

Toddler Backsliding on Potty Training

I think this is normal. Both my girls started peeing their pants after being fully potty trained. Not sure if this issue is a boundary issue, but usually after a short while of sitting in their urine soaked clothes they decide to use the toilet on their own again.

If your daughter really was potty trained before, I would not put her back in diapers as you will have to start the potty training process over again from the beginning.

Good luck and be patient. (01/21/2011)

By LisaE2

Toddler Backsliding on Potty Training

I have found in raising 7 children of my own and doing daycare for 24 years that 2 is really young for them to be successful. Sometimes they are excited because you are, but they lose interest very quickly or get scared when you are disappointed in them. I usually start when they can wake up from their nap dry, usually 2 1/2 to 3. This indicates that they are beginning to have the muscle development that they need to control the urine flow.

You have two choices. Keep her in pullups and continue to work with her by taking her every hour to hour and a half. I give one small marshmallow every time they are successful peeing and 2 if they have a bowel movement. Or you can put her back in diapers and wait 6 months or so and try again. Don't worry about it either way. The main thing is to be patient and loving. Praise the success and clean up the failures without too much fanfare. Above all, do not punish a small child for accidents. This can cause them to withhold going and cause infections and constipation. Be patient with yourself as well. I know how frustrating it can be. Just remember everyone figures it out by the time they get to college. (01/23/2011)

By Jazzylazzy

Toddler Backsliding on Potty Training

Have you tried a potty reward chart? My 2 year old was doing so good then she all of a sudden stopped trying. I went to the dollar store and bought the stuff to make a chart. I bought horse stickers because she loves horses and I bought a bunch of cheap prizes she would like for under $2. She loves it. When she goes to the potty I let her choose the sticker she wants and she puts it on the chart. We just taped it to the back of the bathroom door. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. You have to set your goal. Ours is 5 days without an accident, and she gets to choose a prize out of the bag. I figure $2 a week for pottying is not bad. If she has an accident we just remove a sticker. You can do it. It takes time. (01/30/2011)

By jeslev10

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