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Homemade Gripper Socks

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How can I make home-made "gripper" socks? The non-slip socks like hospital ones. What could be applied to the soles of regular socks to make that sticky stuff?

By Rosemary from Annapolis, MD


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By Sheryl Mei B.03/10/2014

Go to Walmart or craft store, buy "puffy paint". It comes in many colors, and is in squeezable little bottles. Put any pattern you like on bottom of sock. Make sure it's stretched out. You could slip it over a flat shoe or something like that. You can do ... happy face, lines squiggles, flowers, cars ,anything you like on bottom of sock kind of in the area your foot print leaves., Let dry, wait and ... wa la, sticky socks! Yay

By tahlula [4]11/30/2009

There are various brands of rubberized plastic coatings that are used to spray paint/ brush-on paint/ or dip tool handles to make them non-slip.

I bought a spray can of, to the best of my memory, "Plasticoat" spray paint at Menards for about 7 or 8 dollars two or three years ago which I found useful for a number of craft projects. Ask at your hardware or Menards/Home Depot/Lowes etc. Good Luck.

By Suntydt [75]11/13/2009

Go to a hardware store and buy clear silicone. It comes in a tube, usually near grout and molding supplies.
Put the sock on a jar or bottle, squeeze the silicone on the bottom of the sock. Then use a putty knife or a plastic knife to spread it around and into the fabric. If you don't spread it in it will start peeling off the first time you wear them.

By KL [3]11/13/2009

Several years ago I tried using the puffy paint trick and you could feel the bumpy nubs through the socks and it wasn't very comfortable. Maybe if you put the paint on thinner or used thicker socks it would solve the problem but I haven't tried it since.

Check the notions wall of your fabric store for:
Jiffy Grip:

Slipper Grip:

or...never heard of these before so I don't know if you can find in stores or not:

By Tina Siegl [26]11/13/2009

Fabric stores sell fabric that is made to be put on the bottom of sleeper feet or socks. It already has the nonskid nubbies. It isn't expensive, and it lasts longer than nubbies you might put on there yourself, such as with fabric paint or fabric glue.

By helenleeks11/13/2009

Puff paint from the craft store (normally used to decorate t-shirts, shoes, whatever). You can also buy the non-slip stuff like on the feet of kid's pj's at joann fabrics.

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