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Renting an RV for a Vacation


My family is thinking about renting an R.V. to take a trip to upper New York state. Would anyone have any suggestions regarding this? Has anyone ever rented an R.V. for a family vacation? I don't want it to turn out like the movies!

Diane from Fond Du Lac, WI



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By Diane 1 12/28/2007 Flag

Hi there. renting an Rv was and is a fantastic idea.We did 15 years ago to the family to Walt Disney World. went from New Jersey to Florida We had a blast never had to stop to pea or eat only had to stop for gas. put the beds down and told the kids to go to sleep watch TV. But it made being with family much more fun. Can't wait to do it again.

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By Linda (Guest Post) 12/30/2007 Flag

What a GREAT way to travel! We enjoyed a rented RV vacation a couple of summers ago-it is really the best way to travel. No unpacking when you arrive & no packing to go home:) Just pack anything you would use in your house during a week. Don't forget your lawn chairs. When we went I took along a LOT of pictures and filled quite a large photo album while my husband drove and I sat at the "kitchen" table. ENJOY-ENJOY. Linda

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By Katie 4 216 01/04/2008 Flag

My only suggestion is to check the price before you get excited about it. If money is no object, you will love it. When we checked with one of the national places to price out a week trip about 800 miles away, we found it would cost almost $2,000 plus gasoline. Waaaaaay too much for our budget!

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By Hope 61 01/04/2008 Flag

Several years ago my husband and I went from SC to TX in a rented RV. We had a ball. It can get very pricey now that gas costs so much. The most important thing is to learn how to use all the gizmos for water, power, waste removal and such. Ask for instructions to carry with you in case you run out of propane for the heating or cooking! That was our only serious problem. I do recommend taking along several very short, extendable curtain rods for use in the fridge. These will prevent contents on shelves from sliding to the edge and falling out when the door is opened! RVers will gladly help you wherever you go. They're unbelievably friendly. Hope you have a super trip!

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By U*u*U (Guest Post) 01/06/2008 Flag

Sounds like fun for the husband and kids, but where's YOUR vacation. Lots of meals, beds, mess, HUGE gas expense. There are plenty of places that offer a nice complementary breakfast, and are affordable. Rent a larger vehicle if necessary for comfort, but I DON't recommend an RV with children.

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