Uses for Paper Towels


Tips and ideas for using paper towels, other than wiping up a mess. Post your ideas.


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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 01/08/2005

Corn De-silker - shuck an ear of corn and then wipe it down from tip to base with a dampened paper towel-the silk will come off in a single stroke.

Wax remover - place a paper towel over melted wax on the carpet, then iron-the wax will melt into the towel.

Tea strainer - did the bag break in your tea? Layer 2 paper towels over another cup and carefully pour the tea through-the leaves will stay on top.

By joesgirl

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By Allison (Guest Post) 01/08/2005

Beat-A-Leaf During the fall, put a leaf between two paper towels and beat with a hammer-- a print of the leaf will be made on the towels. This is a fun activity for kids, just don't let them play with hammers without parental supervision. Yikes!

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By beanygurl 1 90 01/08/2005

greasy soup?? lay strips of paper towel across the top of the pot to remove excess fat when you don't have time to chill first!

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By Kayla 3 71 01/08/2005

I use them to make homemade cleaning wipes.

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By Dianna 1 2 01/08/2005

To individually wrap those precious tree ornaments when you take them off tree and place them a container. I've got some I've been recyling for 20 years. Keeps them in tip top condition.

One other suggestion regarding storing ornaments. Don't keep them in your attic, the excess heat and cold will damage the colorful coating on glass balls.

Dianna in VA

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By sonya (Guest Post) 01/09/2005

I use paper towels for home made wipes for babies with sore bottoms. Bounty is a good one. you can select the size and layer them in an old diaper wipe box. Mix up 1 cup hot water, 1/4 cup baby wash and 1/4 cup baby lotion. Pour over paper towels. Let sit for a while and turn over stack. If the bottom is not damp then just mix another batch of lotion and baby wash.

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By Patty Zion 6 31 01/13/2005

I use bits of paper towels to create a collage look when I make greeting cards. Tear the towels into a rough shape, glue down on the card carefully, and smooth out a little. It looks a lot like homemade paper! Add a torn or cut piece of paper on top, and only the edges of the paper towel will show. It works great with the freeform collage style that's so popular right now. z

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By JAN (Guest Post) 06/17/2008

I have used paper towels as coffee filters in the filter cup when i have run out of the filters. They are fragile, but it does work.

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