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Painting Plastic Bags

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I'm working on a project with plastic bags (the kind you get from Walmart) and was wondering if there is any type of paint that will stick to them? I want them to be a burgundy color or a clay looking color.

By Cindy from Bloomington, IL


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By Will H.03/22/2012

Eureka! I found your/our answer. Spray your project with spray adhesive and paint with acrylic.

By karen [26]04/06/2009

I'm dying to know what you're making. Would you share with us? Thanks

By Patricia Taylor03/27/2009

Krylon spray paint for plastics should work. I've used it on PVC pipe, plastic flower pots, and I repaint my plastic bird bath and plastic parts of my fountain every spring. It should work on plastic bags. You just need to figure out how to keep the bags still while you spray them.

Pat T in Nevada

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